Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Away message

I am unpacking for the rest of forever. I haven't been very posty just because a) I'm unpacking pretty constantly and b) I have nothing much going on except that, and I imagine that my unpacking is not very fascinating for you!

Progress is being steadily made. We have a lot of stuff, and it was deposited fairly willy-nilly just because when you have as many wonderful helpers as we did, sometimes all you have time to say by way of direction is "SOMEWHERE OVER THERE ANYWHERE YOU THINK IT WILL FIT" because someone's coming in right behind them with a table. But we have the books shelved through Shakespeare - we need a few more two-shelf bookcases to finish the fiction section, because we have lots of nice big windows eating up our bookshelf space. Everyone's knees are screaming, so we still have a bunch of five-shelf bookcases to go downstairs (nonfiction, gaming books, graphic novels). The coffee table has finally made its way into the living room, and the baker's rack and kitchen cabinet have made their way into the kitchen; we almost have enough room in the dining room to assemble the dining room table now. The kitchen's a disaster, just because we all need to decide together what goes where, and there hasn't been time.

I haven't gotten to knit in like two weeks, I think.

Judah took the day off today to help move the big heavy things, but he really must go back to work tomorrow! So I'm going to do my best to stay upstairs and not deal with the heavy boxes down here. If I'm looking at them, they will drive me crazy and I will try to move them all, and no good can come of that. No. I will stay upstairs and put away the rest of my clothes, unpack my dresser stuff, and get my office set up, because I also haven't *written* in like two weeks and that is driving me batty. I must get my ducks in a row. (Note: Our rubber ducks actually are in a row.)

The menfolk are back with what I hope is the last load of stuff from the old house. Must go help unload!
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