Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

So we moved.

We had an epic move team: Adam, Judah, feste_sylvain and A., fiddle_dragon, zeyr, taura_g, gwynraven and J., kythryne and Amy and Miles (official mascot), rikibeth, trowa_barton, lynxreign, ron_newman, LJless Nick, slipjig, nomadmwe... I hope we have not forgotten anyone! All y'all were absolutely invaluable and amazing. If I dropped your name, it's exhaustion, not lack of appreciation.

U-Haul screwed us over at the last minute because of course they did, so we had a smaller truck, which meant two and a half loads. >.< But almost everything has made it over.

I have no idea how we had this many bookshelves in the old place, or where we're going to put them here; we have lots of space, but also we have big windows!

Victoria was traumatized by the move. :( She'd never lived anywhere but our old house. So while Jack acclimated instantly and Max near-instantly, she was belly-to-the-floor hunched scuttling and hiding. :( She's better now, but oh, I felt awful for her yesterday.

Speaking of awful, I overstressed the *hell* out of my body yesterday, to the point that I couldn't sit for fear of being unable to stand back up. The torn L5/S1 disc does not like this level of activity. Back muscles were in full clench. When I finally got horizontal to relax my back and let the pain explode and fade, it didn't; what happened was that I went into full-body shuddering and gasping. Which... I have not experienced before. Thankfully I was assured on Facebook that this is a thing what can happen. Slept with a lidocaine patch, but still only got five hours. Doing my best to pace myself today.

The heat was not working, so Amy identified the problem and Judah hit it with a hammer and lo! it got fixed. I love my people.

Today's priorities include figuring out the ultimate configuration of my bedroom and getting all the bookcases situated. Seriously, it's a forest of empty bookshelves in the living room, and we can't even start to access anything else until that gets sorted. Also kitchen.

I go for now. Much to do!
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