Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

State of the 'song

The packening continues apace! We've moved over some boxes so we can clear the space to pack more boxes.

Last night, out at ice cream, I mentioned to a newly-met person that I was moving on Saturday. "But you seem so calm!" she said. Yep - I have passed beyond the vale of panic. Serenity Valley, baby. The thing is, this amount of overload is actually soothing. If I had just a little more on my plate than I could handle, I'd be beating myself up, telling myself that if I wasn't so gimpy or lazy I could DO all of this, but no - I currently have more on my plate than any three people could handle. Even if those three people were Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. There is a comfort in knowing that this is impossible. I will do what I am physically capable of doing, and no rational person can fault me for not doing more. (Irrational people can go fuck themselves; I have no time for them.)

People helping with the move! Judah is picking the truck up at 10am on Saturday. Load-in therefore starts at 10:30. We'll have coffee and maybe donuts. I'll actually be stationed at the new house the whole time, because the installation window for cable/internet/phone is 11-1, and I'm more useful unpacking things than I am carrying things. E-mail me at shadesong AT if you need our address or my/Adam's/Judah's cell phone number. If you're coming closer to noon/early afternoon, you should text us to see which house is currently in need of your assistance.

In addition to the move, this is college tour week! We visited Wheaton College yesterday, and we are in love. It's like College Explo. It's a moving staircase and a talking portrait away from Hogwarts. I will go more into that at a later date, but suffice to say that it's really an ideal match for her in every way, and it's at the top of our leaderboard. Adam took her to Simmons today - I stayed home because the first thing I did this morning was pound Excedrin and Robaxin, and I was too nauseous to even sip my coffee, so yeah no. Also the bulk of her Simmons visit was sitting in on a bio class, and she doesn't need me around for that. I tried (and failed) to get back to sleep (but at least I got a bit of rest), then packed and moved over some stuff with Judah and omnisti. Judah's dropping omnisti off at the airport now, and Adam and Elayna should be on their way back; we shall all converge shortly.

Tomorrow she visits Salem State, and then we do the final flurry of packing.

Last night we cooked a birthday dinner for s00j and non-birthday people stealthcello and LJless Ryan; then we watched silly YouTube videos and I did a dramatic reading of Fox in Socks and then there was ice cream. And I'm glad that, in the middle of this crushing chaos, I have been able to make the decision to stop and make waffles, to stop and go for ice cream. To go to the Flogging Molly concert. This is what's keeping me afloat.

Just a few more days. Then I get to unpack my house and get it in order, and get back to writing.

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