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Oh hai Friday

Behold my link soup!
* Fire drawings
* Art made with smoke in bottles.
* My Little Dalek.

I am terribly torn right now between my "I CAN DO IT ALL MYSELF!" nature and the fact that I clearly can't do all of the packing myself. Pain levels have been augh. But I feel like if I enlist help, I'll have to hover and guide a lot; as the person who'll also be doing the bulk of the unpacking, I really need to know where everything is.



Question. Is anyone willing and able to take over organizing the Backup Project at Boskone? I just have a lot more to do that I did when I signed on for that, and given that it's the last weekend of packing pre-move, I may well not be on-site for the whole con. I have finally been informed of the fan-table hours: 4-9 on Friday, 10-6 on Saturday, 10-3 on Sunday. I have the table reserved and, thanks to several wonderful readers, I've ordered the buttons. You would just need to wrangle people for the table. Any takers?

I didn't get around to my closet yesterday, so I'll do that today. A bunch of what's in there is already storage stuff that'll go to the attic; the one storage space we've had in this house is the upstairs closets. The closets in the new house are maybe half as deep as those (but twice as wide and deep as the other closets), but we won't need to store comics boxes and Elayna's preschool art and whatnot in them. Attic! Yay! And the stuff we've been stockpiling for charity donation is out on the curb for pickup today, so we just gained a *lot* of space to stage stuff.

We will hopefully know for sure today whether our move day is Saturday 2/25. It probably is. The property manager's on vacation in Florida, so responses are delayed.

Thanks for the recs on that "Up Your Score" SAT prep book, y'all! I got Elayna to start reading it last night (she does not like her new structure, which is come home from school/rehearsal, snack, do homework, pack a box or you get no TV time, then dinner), and she actually required some nudging to put it down. She went upstairs for her shower rattling off things she'd already learned in her brief reading. "It's all about the psychology of the test! I can do that!"

Speaking of "I can do that" - time to tackle the closet!

My Valentinr - song
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