Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Brief updatery

* We submitted our applications for the house. The realtor is leaving on vacation soon, so hopefully he'll handle everything before he goes? That seemed to be his inclination. I am concerned that our current landlords may attempt to torpedo this, but I'm hoping that their desire to get rid of us is stronger than their desire to fuck us over.

* Judah picked up boxes from the marvelous mizarchivist, so I get to pack some stuff today! Even if we don't get this house, we're moving in the next few months, so stuff that doesn't get used often or until summer can get packed now.

* We'll be in need of boxes, especially book boxes.

* Everyone misses Adam, who's out of town at the moment. I continue to be amused that Adam and Judah are partners as well - not romantically or sexually, but man, the two of them are a team. I am so lucky.

* Elayna got the three SAT prep books Adam ordered for her last night. They are ridicuhuge. She is intimidated. I perkily informed her that she had to work her way through one per weekend. Her face, y'all. I'm a mean mom.

* I am going to an open mic tonight, and I have some nervousness about that.

* I have house-related energy, so I'm gonna go pack a few boxes so I can dial myself down enough to write. Cicatrix is not a bouncy-energy book!
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