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Komen kaves

Originally posted by kradical at Komen kaves
The right-wing campaign against Planned Parenthood has scored a victory, and the only consequence is that more low-income women will get breast cancer and die.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which is the largest breast-cancer charity in the country -- and in support of which, I've raised money for four years running now, along with other members of my dojo -- has ended its partnership with Planned Parenthood, due to concerns about a Congressional investigation into PP (which is a bullshit witch-hunt by anti-choice politicians).

Sadly, the end result of this is that PP will no longer have anywhere near as much funding to continue to provide breast exams for women who don't have adequate health insurance. Lots of less well off women -- of which there are a lot more the past five years -- will no longer have access to mammograms that will potentially save their lives.

This kind of caving in to partisan pressure is unworthy of an organization that has done so much good, and is a move that is in direct violation of Komen's mission statement.

Daily Kos has posted a mailto page that allows you to send an e-mail to Komen to protest this action. They have a boilerplate text that can be edited, and I strongly recommend that you do so, as the text of their e-mail is a little too over-the-top, IMO. (But then, I've always believed that politeness works better than name-calling.)

But I urge anyone who thinks it's a good idea for women to have access to mammograms regardless of whether or not they can afford it to send a message to Komen protesting this absurd and hurtful decision.
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