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Through sheer inertia, I'm still a member of the SFPA, which means that I get to nominate one long poem and one short poem for the Rhysling Awards. I have some ideas already, and I read most of the best spec-poetry magazines already, but it is always possible that I have missed a brilliant poem of yours. Also, there are other SFPA members who read my LJ. So....

If you published poetry in 2011, link me to it in comments! If it's not available online and you'd like me to check it out, please send it to me at shadesong AT

And note that nominators only get to nominate two poems, period. This is always a really difficult choice, and there are usually at least a dozen poems that I really want to nominate, so I know I'm opening myself up to more agonizing by asking for your lists! But I want to make sure I didn't miss anything.

I only had two last year; I've only just stated to come out of a long spell of not submitting anything. "The Changeling's Lament" from Stone Telling #5 and "The Library, After" from Mythic Delirium #24 are both eligible.

So! Poets! Tell me what you've been up to!

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