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Requesting assistance!

By request, I'm running the Backup Project table at Boskone! But we ran out of buttons by 4pm Saturday at Arisia. So. I need more buttons. I paid out of pocket for the Arisia buttons, but that is not sustainable, as we're managing a household on one salary in an expensive city and all of that. Arisia was good for us professionally and bad for us financially.

So I am asking you for help!

All money collected through this PayPal button will be used to buy Backup Project buttons. They're $100 per 100 buttons at the official store - if you know where I can get them cheaper and in mass quantities, let me know. If by some miracle I get enough buttons to last through Boskone, I'll bring 'em to my next con, and so on. I will keep distributing buttons as long as there are buttons to distribute, and I will keep talking everyone's ear off about bystander action.

Help me do this, please!

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