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Happy birthday to kylakae, dark_blade, theicequeen, and faelad!

State of the 'Song
I actually got good sleep last night, yay.

People have been asking if I might be pregnant; I have a Mirena IUD, which is over 99% effective, so the chance of that is small. I would not say it's impossible, but it would be ludicrous, which actually increases the chance that it might be so given that I am the plaything of the deities, so I'mma shut up now. Seriously, though, nausea's the only thing I've had that's a usual pregnancy symptom, and I've had that as a recurring medical side effect before.

slipjig house concert!
Facebook invite here! This Thursday! Start your Arisia off a day early with a concert!

Link Soup
I'll start us off with the links about rape and rape culture...
* Great Sady post.
* Be the person who yells at drunk creepers.
* Definition of Rape: 7 Ways To Rethink How We Approach Sexual Assault .
* This kid is AWESOME. Watch this if you watch nothing else.
* Non-rape content: Some great A Song of Ice and Fire fanart! (And some meh, but a lot of really good stuff.

Daily Science
V.S. Ramachandran lecture! I am a Ramachandran fangirl.

Oh, today's busy. I slept in (but clearly needed to), and so have not very much writing time before my doctor appointment - after which I have just enough time to get some stuff done 'round here before I have to go run errands and go to Peer Supe.
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