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Yes, I am going to the doctor. On Monday. But I keep being so fractured that I can't remember everything I have to talk to him about, and anyway, putting it here is a good way of indicating why I have been maybe vague and odd lately.

* Sleep. I've gone from getting about 6 solid hours to 5 to 4. Sometimes I can get back to sleep after I wake up, but when I do, it's not deep or restful sleep. Possible solution: switch from Lunesta (already on the highest dose) to Ambien.

* Nausea. Constant low-to-moderate nausea since early December, with occasional peaks of severe nausea (why I had to sit down mid-song at karaoke and leave Staxmas early). Cause and possible solution unknown - I originally thought it was my new asthma medication, but I stopped taking it and the nausea only abated briefly; the worst of it is all post-meds.

* Alcohol. My body has radically changed how it processes it; I get hideously blind drunk off not much, which is not my normal. Also continue to get progressively drunker for several hours after I stop drinking; also not normal. The obvious solution is not to drink, but that's a big enough change in my body's processes that I think I should definitely be mentioning it to the doctor.

* Heart. I haven't had full-on supraventricular tachycardia, but I've been feeling flutters pretty frequently, for extended periods of time; this also makes me feel generally weak, ill, and tired. (I'm tired all around, and drinking less coffee because the coffee exacerbates the heart thing.) (Also my chest hurts, which I feel like is maybe a combination of the nausea and heart stuff.) Possible solution: changing my heart med or upping the dose.

But yeah. Doctor Monday.
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