Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Iiiiii don't even.

The trouble with writing Cicatrix is that, after writing time, I am absolutely no good for anything else for the rest of the day. Absolute brainfry.

So Friday memage:

Wearing: When I find something that actually fits, I buy it in every color and wear it until it falls apart. I'm oddly-shaped, y'all. So today: the charcoal grey version of the slightly-cabled Target Vneck sweater that I wish was warmer, plus jeans and stripey socks.

Reading: Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change, by Victor Papanek. (Judah loves that I was reading design books way before I met him.)

Writing: Cicatrix. Writers who post metrics, how do you know how long your book is going to be? I see y'all out there posting like "2% done!" and I have no idea what percent done I am. More than 2%. Possibly 10%? But I don't know. I feel like I never know how long something is going to be until I'm almost done.

Knitting: I finished the last row of the body of the Dover Castle shawl yesterday; now only the edging remains. I don't know why I've developed this dislike of this project. The pattern is nonintuitive and the yarn is stiff and crunchy, which surprises me because it's Sundara - I love their FSM and Silk Sport, but I have this hate on for the Sock. Anyway. Also the baby sweater, which is pure knitting bliss.

Planning: Family dinner tonight. Lasagna and cheese rolls or cheesy breadsticks, I don't know which yet. Tomorrow is slightly up in the air, but hopefully I'll get to run some necessary errands in the morning, and I might get writing time in the afternoon. Sunday we're finally going to go see Sherlock Holmes 2. Other than that, I do not know, I have the brain fry.

I am going to go knit on the baby sweater, because at this point in the pattern it is just stockinette, and my brain can probably handle that. No other writing does this to me, I swear.

Feel free to post silly things in the comments while I'm gone!

EDIT: Oh, related to absolutely nothing else, my skin has been horribly painfully dry lately. And I'm one of the unlucky few who actually has reactions to topically-applied gluten and soy. Um, try to find a lotion without soy or gluten. Yeah.

Paintbox Soapworks Slip in Gingermilk. Is on me right now. I took the chance because I don't react to her soaps. This is the inside-forearm test right now, and I have no hives and my skin is soft! So if you react to gluten and/or soy topically, this is probably safe for you. So endeth the pimpage.
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