Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Scattershot Updatery

* I have Plans that you will hopefully hear about soon.

* Adam's home this week (and was last week); I like having him around, of course, but I am off my schedule! And it's hard to get motivated to lock myself in my office and write when I have a husband right there.

* I actually left the house and went to a party on Sunday. The fact that this is notable shows how much I've been hermiting.

* sindrian (who I just need to start referring to as Judah here) and I made chicken and waffles for Christmas Eve dinner. Oh my word. This recipe. It's from Cooking for Isiah, and it is amazing. The waffles are savory, with dry mustard and paprika; there is a maple/bacon gravy on top. It tasted like high-end restaurant food and comfort food at the same time. It was amazing. Adam got me a wafflemaker for Chanukah, and that book has lots of interesting waffle recipes (like a waffle version of an everything bagel!), and I think I am going to be making a lot of waffles.

* "I don't love knitting like you do," said Judah, and I said, "I don't love knitting!" Knitting is brain therapy for me; knitting is what I do to reroute processes in my brain and develop new neural pathways to regain the functions that seizures destroyed. At first it was about memory, learning how to learn things again. Now it's about spatial relations. And I've been pushing my limits a lot lately, which has been making me hate knitting sometimes! Because I feel like an idiot when I keep screwing up in the same place time after time. But I need to push through. Sometimes I love it, but sometimes what you're seeing is just my dogged determination to make broken bits of my brain work. (Yarn is still beautiful, though, and I love doing geometric lacework - my brain finds that nice and soothing. Am currently working on a lace shawl to escape from a project that is causing me serial meltdowns.)

* When things are not okay, I get rabidly determined to make them okay. I am just pulling that out of the previous paragraph for emphasis.

* Badger's death really hit me; fortunately, the coping mechanism that went into play was a healthy and productive one. Cleaning. My office is back in shape, and my to-read bookshelves are organized by series, short fiction, and novels in priority order. (Nonfiction was already grouped by subject.)

* It is a sign of our economic times that I am down to six and a half to-read shelves. Still reading voraciously, but not buying nearly as many new books. Thank goodness for inter-library loan.

* I miss my Elayna. She'll be in Florida til Monday. I'm sure she's having a marvelous time, though.

That is all for now! I should scavenge something for lunch.
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