Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Putting this out there to the universe

I have a request for the universe at large! And sometimes when I post those, it helps. This one's a long shot, but who knows? Maybe someone reading this knows someone who needs to rent their house to nifty people. Yes, I've been looking on Craigslist; just putting this out just in case.

We have to move in late May. The situation with our landlords is pretty toxic, and even if we opted to tough it out another year, I doubt they're re-upping our lease, so. We're looking. (The issues have been detailed in locked posts that will be unlocked after we get out of this house.)

Here are our needs!

Ideally Watertown. If not, Belmont, Newton, someplace close by. We'd eventually like to move closer in, but Elayna has another year of high school to go - so we need to be where she can easily get to school/we can easily get her to school. If we can't find a place in Watertown, then oops, we'll forget to tell the school that we moved.

Four bedrooms, or three bedrooms plus office space. Two baths would be nice, but we can live with one.

$2300/month is our absolute upper limit, and we would be much happier with $2K or less.

We have three cats. Much as I tease Jack and Victoria, we will continue to have three cats.

Off-street parking for two cars (Watertown and Belmont have seasonal on-street parking bans)
Washer/dryer in unit
Well-insulated windows
T accessibility
Landlords who are not actively hostile
Closets/storage area

Bay window(s)
workshop space (basement, garage, etc.)
Gas stove
Proximity to Watertown Square or similar area for pedestrian errand-running
Good cross-ventilation
Good sound-proofing between rooms and/or floors.

So if you hear about anything, keep us in mind!
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