Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

I am a bit down. And it is first world problems, whatever, but still.

Chanukah starts tonight! And... I'm not actually getting much. I have shopped wisely and well for my family, I have knitted, I have a marvelous pile of presents for other people, but there isn't a whole lot in the gift pile for me. And since I'm not going to Florida for Christmas, I don't get the Christmas explosion either - which is more about Elayna than about us, but I do like watching! I've only gotten one gift so far from my birthmom - she sent Adam three, so hopefully there are more coming? And I'd like to think my aunt and uncle would still get us something. But nothing's been coming in the mail. Adam's mom went the gift-card route, which is nice, but no big gift-opening thing.

It's not like I need stuff, mind. I just like the experience. Also, I would probably feel better if I was getting out more.

Also, and this is silly - now that I have everyone trained to use wishlists, I know exactly what everyone's getting me. Plus, I am the designated package-opener for the house, so the few gifts that have arrived for me? I have mostly wrapped them myself. I get no surprises!

Also apparently Friday everyone is ditching me to go play games, and Elayna will be in Florida, so. LATKES Y LAGRIMAS.

Feh. I am hormonal, whatever. Ignore that part.

I have been slow to get anything done this month; it's no real surprise that I never did a wishlist post! Here are some things I want. In the grand tradition of LJ wishlists, this includes wildly improbable things just on the off chance that someone actually has them. And, y'know, I am thankful that I haven't much to put on here; "help recovering the dining-room chairs" was on the list for three straight years, but Sindrian did that last month!

So. Wants:

1. A writing retreat - a week or two of isolation.
2. Simple gluten-free cookie recipes. I feel like I have now mastered oatmeal raisin, but I still don't have molasses ginger down. Simple = a Bob's Red Mill or King Arthur basic all-purpose GF flour blend, not a mix of ten flours and starches, each of which cost $20 per bag.
3. Yarn! Have you given up on learning to knit? Do you need to destash? I would love your yarn. Especially jewel tones and greys, but really I'll play with anything that isn't acrylic or soy-based. Really, I'd like anything I can use to make other things.
4. Speaking of yarn - patterns from my Ravelry wishlist. I am not asking for things that require spending any money, in general, because it's rough for all of us out here this year! But patterns are a few bucks and will provide me with hours of entertainment.
5. Do something awesome for someone else. Then come back and tell me about it.

Today Adam (who has the week off) and I went to the mall to attend Elayna's school band's Christmas concert. No, I do not like Christmas music, but I'm pretty committed to being at all of her performances! The fun of this particular show, besides watching her goof off with her friend and fellow flautist, was in watching bystanders... people who just wandered out of Target and into a concert. The people who stayed were mostly parents and grandparents with their preschoolers.

Preschoolers love to dance. I think I'd forgotten how much. If we'd managed to herd them into the same place, we'd have had a preschooler moshpit. One incredibly tiny pigtailed girl was headbanging like whoa to Jingle Bells, seriously. So that, at least, was awesome. Also awesome? That we are not The Embarrassing Parents - Elayna hugged us hello, and we walked her and her friend to lunch, talking all the way. We are all fortunate in each other.

It'll get better. Not kidding about the hormones; also, I've been feeling like I've been fighting illness off all month, and the last few days, I have felt like I'm losing that fight. Still. We persevere.
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