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Happy birthday to passionandsoul!

State of the 'Song
Crispy-fried. Yes, it's a sign of me being unwell when I don't post for days on end...

Fortunately, I am physically okay, except for the perpetual exhaustion. I am just burned out to a wee tiny crisp. I'm not usually like this post-Thanksgiving; this year, it's the combination of heavy housecleaning the week before Thanksgiving, an arduous drive back and forth to a con where I started out unwell and got worse, more frantic house stuff when we got back, house concert, an insufficient recovery day, and then all of the everything of Thanksgiving and the following weekend. It was past all my limits, and I've been spending a lot of time unable to get my ass in gear and do stuff - except yesterday, when I had stuff to do and motivation, but a house full of people all loudly doing other things, so desire but not ability. Which was not awesome.

I love my people, but I am very happy that Elayna's in school, Adam's at work, sindrian's milling out parts for the Kikori he will finally get to build here in town, and omnisti is sound asleep and will be for a while.


More about that poem.
Yep, this one.

It's been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. And you're not supposed to publicize your work as nominated or recommended for the Tiptree award, since anything can get nominated, but what I will say is that Google Alerts showed me this page.

So I spent part of yesterday wandering around saying "You guys, I did not know these were things that could happen."

More about writing.
I have a bunch of Thoughts on why and how I write that there'll be a bigger post on when I can find the best way to present them. But basically I'm giving myself permission to do some things. And it feels awesome.

Flogging Molly tour dates are up!

Link Soup
* Know anyone with a pre-existing condition that's kept them from getting heath insurance? They can get it now. Spread this link far and wide!
* This is actually a really accurate depiction of life at my house.
* You should pre-order Rebecca Loebe's new album!

Daily Science
Survival of the Synesthesia Gene: Why Do People Hear Colors and Taste Words?

Breakfast, shower, writing; today I intend to write something very specific, which is due on Wednesday. Wish me luck. If I have time after, I have more to write, and a ton of Arisia lit track stuff to go through, and a bunch of other stuff in my inbox that I've been shamefully neglecting. That selfsame overclockedness. I need to jump-start my cope. Tonight I have BARCC Peer Supe. *nod*
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