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Tew's Day

Hello to new readers oracne and popfiend!

State of the 'Song
So now we're on three nights of almost no sleep, followed by two nights of almost enough to begin catching up; I'm still a little slow in the brainmeats, but am not longer watching myself for seizure aura obsessively. I hope to get a nap today.

House Concert!
Was awesome! I know we had 39 people watching the livestream simultaneously at one point, which was great, and I want to livestream all house concerts ever. The people who were physically present also had a great time. slipjig did a fantastic job, and Heather and Ben - well, no one does infectious glee like Heather Dale, I tell you what.

Gets its own post. It's comin'.

I am the luckiest.
Before the house concert, sindrian and omnisti helped me scrub the whole house down. We even got Elayna to vacuum with a minimum of bitching. Everywhere I looked, someone was dusting or mopping. It was marvelous.

I don't need much. Just a handsome man with a broom.

Link Soup
* Dear Florence + the Machine: Blackface? Really? What is this I don't even.
* Ann Beattie’s Truths About Writers, Rarely Discussed. "Poets go to bed earliest, followed by short story writers, then novelists. The habits of playwrights are unknown." Also, #7 is very true in my case, at least.
* Excellent comprehensive article about gaslighting.
* Facebook is badware.
* A new ordinance that would make gender identity a protected class in Des Moines will be debated this afternoon by the City Council.
* Yes, this.
* I like both large, open rooms and small enclosed spaces for when I get peopled out, so this bed cube? Yes, please.

Daily Science
Caffeine boosts activity in the hippocampus. Which is where most of my brain damage is, so GIVE ME ALL YOUR COFFEES BECAUSE SCIENCE.

BPAL Reviews
Askalaphos: pomegranate, wonder-flowers, asphodel, and black soil.
In bottle: I don't know what a wonder-flower is, but it smells kinda starchy.
On me: YAY. This is exactly what I'd hoped, on my skin - dirt and pomegranate. But NO, I am denied - it fades to starchy. Sindrian says moldy. FIE.

Candied Pumpkin: sweet pumpkin cooked with piloncillo, orange juice, brown sugar, cinnamon, fresh ginger, maple syrup, honey, and clove.
Yes, this has a Death Note. I'm going to give it a try anyway, because I love the rest of the notes so much.
In bottle: Omigosh yes. This is Thanksgiving-dessert-y.
On me: So much brown sugar. So much pumpkin and clove. So much yum. I think I'm going to need to bake a cake to go with this scent.

Oy. Okay. I need to do that Philcon post, and get to the e-mails that have been sitting un-dealt-with. I need to go over my Arisia Lit Track. I need to name and submit that one song. I need to get started on an experimental story thing. I need to make sure we have everything we need for Thanksgiving, rearrange my office so that omnisti has storage while he's here and I still have workspace, and I need to write up tomorrow's baking schedule and Thursday's cooking schedule, and everyone's to-do lists. And just a bunch of other small things. So. I am gonna get on that. Starting with a shower, because yeah, Askalaphos goes really foul on my skin.
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