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Eat like a 'song: Gluten-free Thanksgiving

So you want to do a gluten-free Thanksgiving! You are in luck, because it is actually really easy.

If you're doing a traditional American Thanksgiving, there are only five or six things you might need to amend. The rest of your food is probably already gluten-free, being as this is a vegetable-heavy holiday.

1. The turkey. Yes, the turkey. Many brands of self-basting turkey have gluten injected into them for no damn good reason. Make sure yours is gluten-free! We get around this by getting ours direct from goddessfarmer, which also means a tastier turkey than the overbred supermarket turkeys, but do not despair - you can get a safe supermarket turkey.

2. The gravy. Dude, just make it with gluten-free flour instead of regular wheat flour. Done.

3. The stuffing. There are GF stuffing recipes all over, but we use this one and it is amazing. Provokes "oh my holy crap gimme more" reactions every year. Also, I'm a fan of anything we can do in the crockpot - frees up the oven!

4. The rolls. fiddle_dragon does rosemary-thyme rolls for us and they are amazeballs; perhaps she will link to her recipe! Either way, again, there are tons of GF roll recipes.

5. The green bean casserole. The traditional green bean casserole recipe uses Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup and fried onions, neither of which are gluten-free. If you want this, you can substitute Progresso and fry your own onions, but I have never done this because I think that green bean casserole is gross. You do not have to do this thing just because it's tradition. Make your own tradition. We saute some shallots and throw in some bacon, and boom, awesome green bean dish.

6. Dessert. Whole Foods sells GF pie crusts if, like me, you cannot be arsed to make a pie crust. Cake? Substitute an all-purpose GF flour mix for all-purpose flour. Note that this should be a flour *mix* if you're doing a 1:1 substitution! There are recipe that call for just almond flour, just rice flour, et cetera, but they are few and far between. Gluten-free flours behave differently from wheat flour. You will not get your desired results! Bob's Red Mill and King Arthur do good mixes, which usually include a few different flours, starches, and gums to best approximate gluteny flours.

So what are we doing for Thanksgiving?

Appetizers will be stuffed mushrooms, bacon-wrapped dates, and molasses ginger cookies. For dinner, we are brining the turkey, and Sindrian will make what he calls the Pork Orgy; on the side, those green beans, that stuffing, rosemary garlic mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, thyme-roasted sweet potatoes, pomegranate roasted carrots, and brussels sprouts with pancetta. For dessert, I'm making Crack Pie, Schadenfreude Pie, chocolate bourbon cake, and I might attempt a tres leches cake. Other people are bringing pie, rolls, and cranberry relish.

Yes, it is going to be awesome.

Since everything I make and most of what people bring will be gluten-free, I'm just keeping the gluteny stuff on a separate table, across the dining room! All of my guests are smart about cross-contamination, so I don't need to worry about people using the same knife for my pie and hypnagogie's pie. If your Thanksgiving has a more even ratio of GF to gluten, or if you're a guest elsewhere, this checklist may help!

One week from today is Baking Day. I am very excited. <3

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