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Con or Bust now taking requests for Jan.-March cons

Originally posted by kate_nepveu at Con or Bust now taking requests for Jan.-March cons
Con or Bust helps fans of color/non-white fans attend SFF cons. From now through November 25, it is accepting requests for assistance for cons that begin in January, February, and March 2012.

You can find a partial list of upcoming cons at Locus. In addition, the following cons have supported Con or Bust through donations:
  • Arisia, Boston, MA, January 13-16: four memberships and one hotel room
  • Lunacon, Rye Brook, NY, March 16-18: two memberships
  • FOGcon, Walnut Creek, CA, March 30-April 1: two memberships
In addition, an individual has donated a membership to Boskone, Boston, MA, February 17-19.

Read this post for instructions on how to request assistance. Donate con memberships by e-mailing Donate money with a PayPal account or credit card with this button:

Or learn more about Con or Bust generally.

Please spread the word!

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