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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to joemorf!

State of the 'Song
Over a week of nausea/heartburn now. Adam and sindrian keep asking, when planning meals, if I am hungry. They keep being surprised when I'm not. No, I haven't been hungry in a week. Yes, cook dinner and I will eat some. I spent 2003-2009 severely nauseated; I have trained myself to eat even when my body is like "what the hell are you doing?" Still, I would like this to go 'way now please.

IKEA is a magical fairyland of perfect little rooms. Being there intensified my desire to be in the new house now please. I actually really want this desk, which is similar to my current desk but smaller, and my current desk has wire racks instead of the tip-out bins, doesn't have a back (this desk has a magnetic back - useful space!), and only has one shelf. Basically, this one just works way better for my needs, and we also found some awesome file storage, and I want my new office space now.

But we did not get that, because we are on a budget, plus no furniture until we're actually in the new house and see what our space will be like.

We did get bright awesome fabric to recover our shredded dining room chairs, a new duvet cover (in white/brown; it reminds us of lace shawls), mixing bowls FOR ME with pour spouts, a more ergonomic chair for sindrian, et cetera. We did not get any of the amazing paper, bendy-wire, or strings of dangly lamps, but warning: new house is gonna be lamp central.

How to Do a Gluten-Free Menu Wrong
If you follow me on Twitter (which I can only use from my phone, as the website will not load on my computer), you already know that we attempted to go to TGI Friday's for lunch, having googled them and found that they had a gluten-free menu.


Said menu was a list of everything on their menu, with noted on which items contained which of the Big Eight Allergens. On the back, there were three steaks that appeared identical to me, save that one came with shrimp. All of them had the note that, to make them gluten-free, they had to be ordered plain and unseasoned.

I looked: on their regular menu, they have salads. Every single salad had the little wheat symbol next to it. Erf? Dude, seriously, you have to put *extra effort* in to gluten a salad. Or the vegetables that come on the side of everything but the unseasoned steaks. They couldn't have done one chicken dish, even? I mean, I'm not a vegetarian, so I could technically have eaten something - but I was not in a steak mood, and I don't think I should have to be.

Look. Most places that serve real food can do at least one salad, at least one chicken dish - even the burgers at Friday's have gluten, which is a sign of shitty burgers and cheap meat. A burger shouldn't need fillers.

Three identical unseasoned steaks or GTFO, apparently.

Friday's, man. Don't even.

Of course, then I had an uncharacteristically difficult experience at Not Your Average Joe's, where I think I was my waiter's first celiac. He seemed to think that cheese had gluten, because I had to call him back over when my oil-and-pepper GF-bun-dipping-mixture had no cheese - he seemed surprised that I wanted it - and he brought my burger without the cheese I ordered.

But there was blue cheese (frequently unsafe) on the side salad (he did not ask if I wanted the salad or mashed potatoes - I don't know if he also thought potatoes had gluten, or if he thinks girls only want salads).

Sometimes I just get tired, you guys. Is good to have restaurants where this is effortless.

Oi, Internets!
upstart_crow is now an editor-for-hire! Trust me, she's awesome. I would be delighted to provide references; she did great things with "My Empire for Ashes".

Do you make stuff? Do you like buying stuff from indie artists and craftspeople? Hie thee hence to haikujaguar's bazaar!

Link Soup
* Yay! Article about Sindrian and Sindrian Arts! :)
* Ballet pointe shoes are not typically thought of as technological artifacts, but they certainly are. But, as Whitney Laemmli of the University of Pennsylvania argued at the Society for the History of Technology conference in Cleveland over the weekend, ballet's technology doesn't end there: The bodies of dancers reshaped by pointe shoes are also technological.
* Via xoder: Yo, is This Racist?

Daily Science
While looking for a safe place to weather the cold Martian winter, the rover Opportunity spied a subtle yet intriguing feature on the edge of the giant Endeavour crater: a bright vein of light-toned rock piercing the ruddy, rocky surface of a large rise called Cape York.

Seen above running horizontally at center, in an image colored by Stuart Atkinson, the vein (dubbed "Homestake") may prove to be hard evidence of phyllosilicates -- minerals formed in the presence of a watery environment. If this is the case then this chance discovery would mean that Opportunity, after nearly eight years on Mars, has literally stumbled upon the "Holy Grail" of its entire mission!

No BPAL reviews today, as I am short on time...

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