Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day

State of the 'Song
Still nauseated but decently-rested.

Breakfast is
Potatoes, onions, maple chicken sausage, garlic. Generally when sindrian is here of a morning, it's that or oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins. This is my favorite, though, so very savory and the flavors and nom.

Yesterday was
Good! We succeeded at working in the same house, which is good, being as we're all moving in together next year. He got CAD work done, and I deliberately didn't do actual writing because Elayna's home today, and I didn't want to dive headfirst into Novelling if I couldn't continue the next day, so I did everything else. Including submitting something to a very ritzy non-genre market. This made me go meep. SO MUCH MEEP. But mikemarano insisted.

I still have to sing my robot showtune to the guys.

Today will be
Voting, and a trip to IKEA! I don't have monies to splurge on stuff for the house, but I fully intend to sit on every single couch. Plus we do need to buy fabric to recover the dining room chairs.

Link Soup
Is pretty much on my Google+. I mourn the loss of the sharing function on Google Reader.

Daily Science

I do not know why I love Enceladus so very much, but I do.

BPAL Reviews
Atlas: Mallow, oak bark, coffee bean, hinoki wood, and khus.
In bottle: A wood-paneled office with red leather furniture.
On me: Something sweet rising out of that sedate darkness. Interesting and complex, but I'm not in love with it. Pretty sure the sweetness is the hinoki...

Pussy: Orange blossom honey, brown sugar, saffron, tonka absolute, and tobacco leaf.
In bottle: I get all honey, all the time; Sindrian says it's musky.
On me: Sindrian says "Honey, I like your Pussy." I'll refrain from telling you the rest of what he said. But unf. Thick delicious honey with brown-sugar sweetness and just a bit of grounding from the tonka and tobacco, which keeps it from being overkill.

See above. And if we get back early enough for Sindrian to work on CAD stuff some more, and Elayna has actually done her homework and laundry and re-signed up for MIT Splash (she did a week+ ago, but the system failed to save her choices, so we are really hoping she's not screwed, but she should re-register again Just In Case) so I don't have to harangue her into doing stuff all afternoon - I might get a little writing time to work on a short story.

This one has apples in it.

Now I go vote!
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