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Monday Monday

Hello to new readers penk and thenetwork!

State of the 'Song
A week of nausea now. Feh. It is a puzzlement. Otherwise fine, except that my cocooning instincts are still in overdrive; I'm not generally this antisocial. Which may seem odd, given that I've been going to concerts and seeing friends there all week, but that's a different kind of social. Must kick my butt into gear.

Pretty Boy
I will talk about the concerts separately, but sindrian and I had a moment of WTF at dinner before Saturday's Zoe Keating show that deserves recording. We were eating at the bar at Not Your Average Joe's, and I was sitting next to an older Italian man. Said man started up a conversation with me by inquiring about my gluten-free bun; I encouraged him to try it, and he did. Then:

Him: "Your boyfriend, he has very nice hair."
Me: "...yes, he does!"
Him: "Very handsome."
Me: "Yes, he is."
Him: "You're lucky."
Me: "I am!"
Him: "But he is boy. Not man."
Me: o.O
Him: "He is pretty! But he is boy, not man."
Me: "Um?"
Him: "I do not have hair like that, but." *shrug*

Yeah. Started out thinking he was hitting on sindrian though me, but... maybe was hitting on me? By telling me that my pretty boy is not manly enough for me? (Spoiler: sindrian is all kindsa manly.) I just wonder if that ever works for him.

So sindrian and I have been giggling "Boy. Not man." and "pretty boy" at each other ever since. In a horrible Italian accent.

(It is an interesting experience, dating a man who is totally the pretty one in the relationship. I am no beast, but sindrian is a beautiful man. (He disagrees, for the record.) (Adam is handsome, too, but he looks like Patrick Dempsey with glasses - he's less elfin than sindrian.) )

I love having a partner who, when I confess my hidden desire to build chandeliers, gets terribly excited about the whole thing and wants to help.

Link Soup
* Two posts about serial child rapist Jerry Sandusky, who was aided and abetted by his former employer Penn State. I may have Things to Say on this topic on the BARCC blog, but not today.
* So you can download the Codex Seraphinianus now.
* Fantastic tiny dioramas.
* All about the honey badger, for reals.

Daily Science
A team of scientists has used the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope to observe a quasar accretion disc — a brightly glowing disc of matter that is slowly being sucked into its galaxy’s central black hole. Their study makes use of a novel technique that uses gravitational lensing to give an immense boost to the power of the telescope. The incredible precision of the method has allowed astronomers to directly measure the disc’s size and plot the temperature across different parts of the disc.

BPAL Reviews
A Nocturnal Reverie: Violet musk and oudh with black amber, ambergris, agarwood, black currant, dark musk, fig, and lavender incense.
In bottle: Slight starchiness and lavender.
On me: The lavender is really killing everything else. Shame - I like lavender okay, but I love fig, currant, and musk!

Regina Erebi: pomegranate, spear mint, black mulberry, and myrrh.
On me: OH HAI POMEGRANATE and there's the mulberry. The mint is subtle. Not picking up the myrrh. But this is deliciously rich and full and dark.

Today I must bake bread, block a shawl, write, get caught up on e-mail, and we'll see what else. sindrian and I are trying to do the both-working-in-the-same house thing, so hopefully that'll work out!
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