Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

fully random

* Every so often Max becomes a kitten again. He's 16 and usually tremendously dignified, but every so often he has a day when he must Play With All the Things, and he is having one today, and it is adorable.

* Speaking of cats, Victoria is pretty convinced that she's 100% better. She still has a pronounced limp, mind you, and still must be locked in her cage when no one's home to keep an eye on her - but she's back to pouncing the other cats and bounding along the dining room chairs.

* My writerbrain is percolating delightedly, though I may have to forcibly haul myself away from metafictional analyses to actually get the writing done.

* After a spate of AH GODS NOTHING IS WORKING, have gotten my knitting mojo back with a Swallowtail Shawl in the Sundara sportweight silk I've been hoarding. I needed a formal shawl in a color that goes with my purple dress for the BARCC gala, and I had this gorgeous antique gold/bronzey silk. Also it'll work with my hypothetical ensemble for fiddle_dragon and zeyr's wedding. And it is all intuitive and stuff, and I am back to enjoying knitting.

* My husband rocks.

* sindrian made me potatoes/onions/maple sausage for breakfast and it is amazing.

* Today I will be assigning Arisia lit-track panels. The deadline to sign up was Saturday, so I feel I've left more than enough time for stragglers.

* Y'all, I have a case of the busies something fierce. It's not at a level of waugh-too-much, Red-Queen's-race; it's actually at a good and manageable pace and I am quite satisfied. But that and the fact that I am dedicating morning and early afternoon to writing and metawriting most days means I'm posting less frequently.

* I love this post about Occupy Wall Street.

* This poem. Yes.

* Perhaps today I will bake macarons.
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