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Happy birthday to dalious!

Happy early birthday to brithistorian, envoy, and sealgair, who advance a year over the weekend!

State of the 'Song
Wow, I am in a ridiculous amount amount of pain right now. Mostly shoulders/upper back/neck, which kept waking me up last night, but radiating down to lower back, because that got aggravated too.

Note to self: Not dicing a raw butternut squash ever again.
Note to others: Seriously, I know there are things you think I should be able to do because I Don't Look Sick. Deal with it when I say no.

(I already knew my back was screwed by the time I was halfway through the squash.)

Two Robaxin so far this morning. We'll see if I need more.

So Anyway
Through even more comedy of errors, I managed to score some baking powder last night. There are rosemary polenta muffins and they are amazing. Also nommy chocolate chip muffins. And I did start to feel better almost as soon as I started baking, and was back to being generally chipper by the end of it. I know what works for me! I just need to make sure I keep the pantry stocked for future foul moods.

And the crockpot-roasted root veggies were fantastic. The olive oil did get through to everything, and the amount of salt and pepper was just perfect. Success! Though next time I'm just going to randomly chop root veggies (and let one of the guys handle the squash) until it looks like the right amount, because we have a ridiculous amount of leftovers.

Why do people not eat beets or parsnips, in general? Parsnips are like carrots with a kick! Beets are deliciously earthy - and beautiful! Don't worry, haters, plenty of squash, potato, onion, carrot, et cetera in there too. And whole cloves of garlic.

Biggest success, foodwise, was the apple cider bacon chicken, because my incredibly picky daughter ate the whole thing.

Looking for awesome clothes? Want to help alumiere pay for necessary medications? Make with the clicky!

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Pajamas with teacups on them.
Reading: Just finished the new Pratchett; next up is Stephenson's REAMDE.
Writing: I have a thing darting around the edges of my writerbrain and am patiently waiting for it to alight.
Knitting: Still between. A lot of between here.
Planning: I need to walk to the store to get stuff I need for tonight's dinner. My inbox overfloweth, so I need to deal with that. Then it's butt-in-chair time for a while. We have no outside-the-house plans for tonight, which is just fine.
Tomorrow we're picking up thesilentpoet's old dresser and delivering it to gwynraven, with whom we will then see Lady Hamlet. And then we shall attend a party that night.
Sunday looks to be a trip to Russell Orchards.

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