Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Elayna is reluctantly taking a practice PSAT. The amount of "but how do I doooo itttt" has provoked massive eyerolls from me and sindrian.


Elayna: "I don't know how this works. I mean, which one of us has taken the PSAT before? I'm pretty sure it's not me."

Me: "Or me."

Elayna: "How have you never taken the PSAT?"

Me: "...because I spent my junior year killing snakes in the Utah desert to get a little protein in my cornmeal mush?"

Elayna: "...that's a joke, right?"

Me: "Uh, no. I have told you about the wilderness survival camp before!"

Elayna: "But - during the school year?!?"

Me: *cracking up* "It wasn't a vacation!"

I needed the extra protein because of the miles of daily hiking and, later, pulling handcarts all over the mountains outside of Cedar City and St. George. We had crappy sleeping bags, and our "tents" were lean-tos made with plain blue tarps. Yes, this was in winter. Yes, I was from Florida. We had "solar showers" - bags of unheated water. Breakfast was oatmeal or mush cooked in blue metal cups at the campfire, lunch was sunflower seeds and raisins; dinner was rice with lentils and, in the last third of the "experience", some Veg-All. The "counselors" were pretty much the types of power-trippers you'd expect. The "camp" had been shut down in its previous incarnation because some "campers" died. The version I was in got shut down two years after I left for the same reason.

That's how I spent my junior year. Child better not whine at me any more about having to take a practice test. Child has clean clothes, central heating, a bed, and no adults in her life who are actively trying to break her; her adults just want her to try the casserole they just made. Sheeeee-it, as sindrian and I would say.
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