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State of the 'Song
I was utterly exhausted and spoonless yesterday and much of Saturday. Ugh. But I woke up with ample energy today!

Game Night
If you're interested in a game night at our house (games cataloged here, or you could bring your own, though goodness knows you shouldn't need to), please comment here! Not on this post, on sindrian's. He's the organizer. This is a thing what I am not in charge of.

Link Soup
* 21st Century Protest Music: Will There Be Another Dylan? Should There Be?
* Blackboards in Porn analyzes what's written on the blackboard in student/teacher porn and grades it for accuracy and logic. Site is actually work-safe. And hilarious.
* In certain South American cultures, epileptics are "the undead," trapped between life and death.

Daily Science
Saturn's moon Enceladus appears to be cloaked in drifts of powdery snow around 330 feet (100 meters) thick, scientists announced this week. The researchers think superfine snowflakes are blasted out of geyser-like jets, which emanate from long fissures called tiger stripes on the moon's southern hemisphere. Some of the snow from these plumes falls back to the moon's surface, coating older fractures and craters in a slow process of accumulation.

You guys, I just love Enceladus.

Elayna's home from school today and tomorrow, which means a) no writing and b) keeping on her to get her homework done. >.< But I can do work that doesn't require my writerbrain (maybe; I'm currently getting interrupted approximately every 15-20 seconds and therefore cannot even write a paragraph about how I'm not allowed to get anything done). I hope to do my summer-into-fall closet changeover today (since the laundry is finally mostly done), I hope to lock myself in my office for ~1 hour to get some work done on this infernally troublesome shawl, and over the next few days, I hope to get to baking - I have a macaron cookbook out from the library to experiment with, and although I don't have mini loaf pans, I think this recipe may translate well to muffins, with an all-purpose GF flour blend in place of the standard all-purpose flour.
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