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State of the 'Song
Oof. I had a very busy few days, then utterly crashed yesterday, as I should have predicted. Still feeling a bit slow today, but a walk ought to help.

I have decided that the collective noun for a group of changelings is a transposition.

A transposition of changelings.

Please make a note of it.

Winter is coming
and so I must do my semiannual closet changeover! Hello, long-sleeved shirts; I've missed you.

House Stuff
Really, I should have been documenting this process from the beginning. We have mucked out so much stuff. We'll be working on Adam's room again tomorrow, to get it to a point where we can get the board games that are currently occupying half the dining room back in there in some sort of organized fashion.

I really, really want it to be new house time already. Cleaning out our current spaces = good. Getting our house set up the way it's going to be until we can buy a house would be even better. Late May (when our lease ends) is a long way away. *sigh*

Link Soup
* One of the most intensively studied objects in space has been identified as an impossibly powerful neutron star.
* 3M’s solar films can be pasted onto windows.
* India launches the $35 Aakash tablet computer.
* Chicago is so screwed this winter.

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Flannel pajamas! And knee socks with sparrows on them.
Reading: I am right in between books right now, having finished two yesterday. My to-read pile is upstairs. I'm not sure what I'll grab next!
Writing: Less writing than reading over the stuff I've written already, plotting and planning.
Knitting: Have just begun the auction winner's shawl. My travel project while I'm doing that will be hexipuffs.
Planning: Today I need to write stuff for the workblog, put in some time on that shawl, do Sindrian Arts stuff, do the closet changeover, and figure out/prep for family dinner (we've decided to do a proper Family Meal on Fridays - me, Adam, Elayna, sindrian, gwynraven).
Otherwise, we have an unusually-free weekend. House stuff will happen. Also under consideration: Rebecca Loebe's Saturday night concert in Franklin, a wander out to Ikea, or apple-picking at Russell Orchards. Bostonians, anything else going on?

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