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red queen's race

Happy birthday to eilonwy and rm! And happy belated birthday to aquila_dominus, haikujaguar, and anyone else I missed!

State of the 'Song
Only at a slight frazzle, really.

So I swear I was going to mention that I sold "I Am Thinking of You in the Spaces Between" to Apex Magazine, but I was waiting for the contract. And now, boom! it is up.

So you should go read it!

And read the rest of the magazine too, because you guys! Poetry by tithenai and s00j! I am in marvelous company!

I have been
one acquainted with the night cleaning, reorganizing, helping gwynraven move, finishing and starting projects. The Strowler Arts Association paperwork has been filed. I am helping with Sindrian Arts stuff. I have been quietly accruing stuff for art projects. I have been having family meetings. I have been discovering hidden things with my writing.

I have a cat on my lap.

The good one.

Have I told You About Elayna?
* She tried out for her school's a capella group! And she got in!
* We're trying her on a gluten-free diet for a few weeks to see if it helps her fatigue.

Link Soup
* I want Aaron Diaz's Justice League.
* I love this mobile cabinet of curiosities.
* I'm seriously consider joining the street medics.

This Week
* We're going to see Kim Boekbinder at the Ames Hotel tonight. (After hardcore menu planning, after picking up this week's CSA share, after I do everything else I have to do today.) We may swing by Occupy Boston afterward; we have blankets to donate, and they're in need of 'em.

* Tomorrow we're taking Victoria in for her X-rays; we hope that she'll be deemed well enough to forego the cage. She still has a limp, but she may always. Then we'll see goddesfarmer in the afternoon, and I have a BARCC tabling at the Somerville domestic violence vigil that I'm hauling the whole family to, because we're going straight from there to the Rebecca Loebe concert at Berklee. You should join us there!

* Thursday and Friday I am claiming as writing days entire. Thursday night is Elayna's back-to-school night.

For Now
If I can manage to unseat the cat, I must go shower. Then write about-the-poem and about-the-story posts about my two recent publications for And I have e-mail stuff to handle, and some Sindrian Arts stuff while sindrian's here to bounce questions off of. And possibly a currently-sekrit thing, but I'm not sure.

And how are you?
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