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And I still have everything going on, oh hai.

Bostonians! Got furniture?
gwynraven is looking to pick up a queen-sized bed, a dresser, a couch, and armchairs. at a reasonable price. Do you have anything lurking in storage that you'd like taken off your hands?

Aw Yeah
Y'all need to be listening to Adam WarRock's Browncoats Mixtape. Loving it!

Link Soup
* The X-Men Guide to Puberty.
* Jon Hamm, I adore you.
* You guys, emergence is awesome.

Daily Science
Imagine a single drug that would treat most, if not all, autoimmune disorders, such as asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, and Lupus. That might not be so hard to do thanks to a team of researchers who have discovered a molecule normally used by the body to prevent unnecessary immune reactions. This molecule, pronounced "alpha v beta 6," normally keeps our immune systems from overreacting when food passes through our bodies, and it may be the key that unlocks entirely new set of treatments for autoimmune disorders.


Friday Memeage
Wearing: Jeans and a BPAL Pirate Moon t-shirt.
Reading: Impossible Stories II by Zoran Zivkovic.
Writing: Working on a thing that is blowing my mind a little. I'm not even telling my partners exactly what I'm doing here, and I'm sorta holding my breath hoping I can pull it off.
Knitting: Siren Sleeve #2. When I finish that, I can start the auction-winner shawl.
Planning: Right now I have to go look over the bylaws and articles of incorporation of the Strowler Arts Foundation. *does a little dance* This is a big deal! When Elayna gets home, sindrian will take us over to OMG gwynraven's new apartment! Adam will meet us there after work, and we will unload her truck! And then Gwyn will be living here!

sindrian and I did the thing last night where I encourage whoever I'm cosominating with to ask me questions when I'm highly medicated. When I'm medicated, you see, I am utterly incapable of prevarication. I make it a point to not lie, except in cases of, say, calling my daughter in sick when we're flying to Florida a few days before winter break officially starts. But for some reason, medicated 'songbrain really wants to prove itself, prove that I am always being honest by getting people to ask my questions when I'm mostly offline.

One of the questions I recall him asking me was "Now that Gwyn's moving here, who are you going to ask the universe to bring to Boston next?" or words to that effect. And I don't know! I'm still constantly surprised that, after a decade of everyone involved wanting Gwyn in the same city as us, this is actually happening. We're really getting my chosen sister. Today. I have not really wrapped my head around it yet!

That said, I'm taking requests; should you be on my Boston list? :)

Anyway, we are helping Gwyn today and as much this weekend as she needs, and on Saturday I hope to go to the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch at MIT. I have wanted one of those pumpkins ever since I moved here! And I've kept missing the on-sale date, remembering the patch existed just a little bit too late. Not this year! Must have pumpkin!

Right, then. I'm on to Strowler business.

(And what are you up to?)
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