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State of the 'song
Excellently well-rested, thank goodness.

Dinner last night
At Dali:

Plato Mixto: Spanish Cheeses, Serrano Ham, Roasted Red Peppers, Olives
Patatas Ali-Oli: Potatoes in a Garlic/Caper Alioli
Albóndigas de Cordero: Lamb Meatballs in Tomato-Mint Sauce
Pato Braseado: Maple Leaf Farms Roast Duckling w/Berry Sauce
Conejo Escabechado: Braised Rabbit w/Red Wine, Juniper & Garlic
Gorditas: Bacon-wrapped Prunes filled w/Goat Cheese

Arroz con Leche: Rice Pudding w/Crackle Glaze
Ubiquitous Flan

and Sierra Cantabria Crianza - Rioja, 2006 to drink.

I just wow. We did not know what to do with ourselves.

One of the things I love about sindrian is the absolute delight he takes in good food. Wide-eyed chairdancing eyerolling delight. Just like me. :) So I knew I had to take him to Dali, where the food is just amazing and rich and savory and nom! Also he'd never had rabbit.

The charcuterie came out first (can I call it charcuterie if it's tapas? I'm gonna), and I confessed to sindrian that I am a total charcuterie whore. Seriously, if we go anywhere that has charcuterie as an option, I am all up on that. This is non-negotiable. He displayed a hearty appreciation for it as well.

The potatoes. Oh my word. We... did not think it was legal to put that much garlic in a dish served at a restaurant. Like, orders of magnitude more than any previous restaurant garlic experience. Fortunately we both fervently love garlic! (I don't think I could date someone who didn't.) This may have been when we started chairdancing.

Sindrian and I were both born without dignity. We have extra bounciness where our dignity ought to be.

Also, the wine went so well with the garlic that this dish may have been why I required a second glass.

I love albondigas because I love albondigas, but also because I really love saying "albondigas". Say it, say it now! "We will have the albondigas!" Such a happy sentence. And a happy me; since the rabbit's not gluten-free, I got three of the four albondigas, which were perfectly perfect lamb albondigas, in a nommy sauce with just a hint of mint.


By contrast, I cannot call rabbit conejo, because I know a naughty word that sounds much like that, and I'm always paranoid about saying that one instead. So. Sindrian had the rabbit. His first rabbit ever. And he went full-on into foodie glee; it was wonderful to watch. That rabbit changed his life, man. If that rabbit was a man, it might've skewed his Kinsey score. Glorious to watch.

Even if I can't eat a food, I still like watching other people eat it. I know I can't eat the bread, but I want to watch you eat it, because I want to watch you enjoying things! I watched Sindrian eat the rabbit. It was almost as delicious as eating it myself. <3

I insisted from the start that the duck was non-negotiable I AM GETTING THE DUCK. The berry sauce? Is blackberry, and super-rich, and the duck itself is NOM, and even after all of the other food, Sindrian took a bite of the duck (with lots of sauce, at my encouragement) and let out an amazed "ohmyGOD." I will get that duck every time forever.

I would never have ordered the prunes. I love bacon, I love goat cheese, but I have never eaten a prune, and I was Concerned because they seem so universally hated. But Sindrian said that if I liked dates and figs (which I do SO MUCH), I would like prunes. And I have a general policy that if a thing is safe for me to eat I will put it in my mouth.


They were awesome, and we're planning on reproducing them (or same thing with dates) for Thanksgiving appetizers! (Our Thanksgiving is the best ever.) I kind of want more right now.

Dessert was a dreadfully difficult decision; we were interested in the manchego y membrillo, too, but decided against it because a) it's easy to do at home and b) Sindrian had somehow never had flan.

If you have never had flan, you should rectify your unfortunate situation immediately. He went into wide-eyed rapture. So did I with my arroz con leche, but I already knew I'd love it.

"I'm working on my budget," he said, "and working out how much I need to earn. And I think I need to earn enough for us to eat here once a week."



Are you aware of what DC's New 52 has done to Starfire and Catwoman? Among others? Read all about it and prepare to be very cranky.

Daily Science
An obvious choice of news: Scientists around the world said on Friday the discovery of sub-atomic particles apparently traveling faster than light could force a major rethink of theories on the makeup of the cosmos, but the findings would first have to be independently confirmed.

The CERN research institute near Geneva said measurements over three years had shown neutrinos pumped to a receiver in Gran Sasso, Italy, had arrived 60 nanoseconds sooner than light would have done -- a tiny difference that could nonetheless undermine Albert Einstein's 1905 special theory of relativity.

"It is premature to comment on this," Professor Stephen Hawking, the world's most well-known physicist, told Reuters. "Further experiments and clarifications are needed."

Professor Jenny Thomas, who works on neutrinos at CERN's friendly rival Fermilab near Chicago in the United States, commented: "The impact of this measurement, were it to be correct, would be huge."

BPAL Reviews
Fighter: Leather, musk, blood, and steel.
In bottle: The blood note rides highest here, almost drowning out the rest.
On me: Oh hai synesthesia! This scent has a texture and a feel and stuff. Oddly...globular with surface tension? Sorta non-Newtonian. Oh, but here comes the leather underneath, soaking it up. Yeah, this morphs a lot just in the first minute.

Rogue: Soft, well-worn black leather, hemp, and rosin.
In bottle: Leather with dark dark resiny undertones.
On me: A little weird! The hemp overrides the leather. Will see what I think upon drydown.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: T-shirt with an anatomically correct heart and the text "arrhythmia's gonna getcha." I feel like I should carry a sign that says "It's okay, I have supraventricular tachycardia" when I wear this. Also jeans.
Reading: Linked: the New Science of Networks by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, and Sleeping Helena by Erzebet Yellowboy.
Writing: Working on stuff that's not yet formed enough to describe.
Knitting: Finished deadline knitting on time! Next is the second of pisicutsa's armwarmers, and then I'll get to work on the shawl for stripedsocks, which I couldn't start on before now just because I need to actively pay attention to it. And then I get to knit a thing for me.
Planning: Hopefully writing! Friday homework/project/organizational review with Elayna. No real plans tonight.

Tomorrow we're going to the What the Fluff? Festival! For the first time, it doesn't conflict with anything! Yay! I am excited about this to possibly a ridiculous degree. I mean, really super-excited. I get excited about things. See above re: my dignity being completely absent.

In conclusion!


And how's by you?
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