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October Schedule

Early for this, I know, but I am getting my months tangled and I want it set down here!

Usual notes: Weekdays are writing time until 3. I'm up for company on italicized things.

Early warnings for early November concerts!
11/2: Frank Turner
11/4: Kim Boekbinder
11/5: Zoe Keating
11/11: Enter the Haggis

October 1: The MIT Great Glass Pumpkin Patch and moving gwynraven in!!!
October 2:

October 3:
October 4: Kim Boekbinder concert (Note: This is free but you MUST RSVP.)
October 5: Torbutt's X-rays, BARCC tabling: Somerville Domestic Violence Vigil, Rebecca Loebe concert.
October 6: Elayna's back-to-school night.
October 7:

October 8:
October 9:

October 10: (No school for Elayna) Dinner with Gwyn & J.
October 11: (No school for Elayna)
October 12:
October 13:
October 14:

October 15: Boston Book Festival + a friend's party
October 16: Boston Book Festival

October 17: Alison Bechdel @ Brandeis
October 18:
October 19: BARCC: SSB Peer Supe
October 20:

October 21:

October 22: 3 parties
October 23: Hanging out with slipjig & hypnagogie, anniversary dinner with Adam

October 25: Sindrian Arts workday
October 26: BARCC: Tabling at Rock for Reproductive Justice
October 27: Rogue Burlesque Slumber Party Seance
October 28: Civil Wars concert.

October 29:
October 30: MIT Shakespeare Ensemble's Macbeth

October 31:
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