Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Thoughts on Doctor Who

So most of the reviews I'm seeing come down to
a) it was brilliant or
b) it sucked because the inciting incident was a stupid mistake.

And the thing is, I think it can be brilliant and the inciting incident can still be a stupid mistake.

Because life is full of stupid mistakes. Life is full of carelessness, and us not asking the right questions at the right times. Life is messy, and we all think we're immortal. So we go about our days and we all have little moments of recklessness, because X has always turned out okay.

So Amy lagged behind, and she didn't ask which button. Because there have probably been any number of times - remember, we're not seeing everything in their stories - when she's lagged behind and caught up a second later and been fine, and when there are enough times that X has been fine, you stop thinking of X as a risk. You get sloppy.

You assume that car will stop for you in the crosswalk. You're out of condoms but really horny so you go without one just this once. You call over to someone's house and they don't pick up and you assume they're in the bathroom and don't check up on them. This one little thing that you hardly even process as a risk, you just do it.

And this time everything goes horribly wrong.

It sort of makes the episode for me. That it wasn't this big dramatic Thing, this battle or dynamic feat that separated them. It was just that she wanted her cameraphone. Such a little thing that any of us could do, just darting back in for our phone.

Because that's really when the tragedies happen, in real life. Not epic stories. Just this one small thing, and everything breaks.

Two other notes:
* When the Doctor slammed the door in older!Amy's face? That was a punch in the gut.
* If I were writing this show, I'd salvage older!Amy from that timeline just in time - and she would become Madame Kovarian. Breeding her past self and training her daughter to be the ultimate weapon against the Doctor, her betrayer? Who, at this point, has more reason to hate the Doctor and resent Amy than older!Amy? She has access to temporal engines to slow her aging, and she's learned to hack and build a sonic screwdriver probe. I don't know if Moffat's taking this there. But that's where I'd take it.
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