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Hello to new reader gwynnega!

State of the 'Song
Sleepy. Need more coffee.

State of Victoria
Yesterday, for the first time since she broke her leg, she attempted to jump up on the couch. Which I take to mean she's feeling much improved, but the practical result was an immediate return to her cage.

She's getting her X-rays September 7; if she's sufficiently healed, she may be released from her cage that very day.

There will be another round of kittycyborg! I'll be putting at least one auction up on Monday, and I'll run it through Monday 9/12, 5pm EST. Please feel free to auction stuff! Just include a good description, with pics if available, a starting bid, and the auction end date.

Is there anything else you'd want me to auction off?

As you already know if you read her, gwynraven is moving to Boston! We've been dreaming of living in the same city for about a decade now, and it is finally happening! She's such a huge part of our family. We are just stunned and gleeful. :)

Pi-Con is fine with getting rained on. You should come to it. *nod*

My schedule and sindrian's are here. You should also totally go to the cluegirl/slipjig concert tonight and the Heather Dale concert tomorrow!

Knitting Update
Does anyone local have size 00 needles I can borrow? I am desperate to knit these for myself between all of the knitting for others, and I need 00s for the ribbing.

Baby blanket for kittycyborg auction winner: Done, blocked, and will be brought to the winner today!
Shawl for kittycyborg auction winner: Yarn here, just waiting on the beads.
Baby blanket for sindrian's godson: starting today.
Shrug for Elayna: Not until she finishes her summer homework and cleans her desk.

Hexipuffs are ongoing. If you have sock-yarn leftovers you want out of your house, please feel free to bring them to me at Pi-Con! :)

Pause Button
I have managed to shift from being constantly annoyed that I have no solitary writing time to taking advantage of the time I have with Elayna home. This has been helped by the fact that the odious summer reading is done, and she's much less resistant to doing her social studies work. We're also working on finding an organizational system that works for her, and we've set up weekly review appointments during the school year. (My daughter has the typical smart-kid problem of "tests well, doesn't do homework, is disorganized as all get-out".)

So one more week of that, and I can start to make my own schedule on September 8 (would be the 7th, but Victoria's vet appointment is smack in the middle of what's going to be my writing time).

Also, social stuff is going to start to pick up now that autumn's coming. Which is nice, because I cocooned overmuch this summer.

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Right now, just a tank top, but later I'll be wearing a geeky T-shirt and jeans. Which will be my uniform all Pi-Con, because I do not feel like doing the girl-drag thing this time.
Reading: Sex, Sin, and Zen by Brad Warner and In The Shadow Of The Strip: Las Vegas Stories edited by Richard Logsdon.
Writing: Given current status of everything? Basically only notes.
Knitting: See above.
Planning: Pi-Con all weekend!

If you're coming to my reading, let me know? This will influence what I choose to read!
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