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Pi-Con is this weekend! It's in Enfield, CT, which is pretty much across the street from Springfield, MA. And there are Heather Dale and cluegirl/slipjig concerts!

My schedule:

9:00PM: No, I'm Not Here With my Boyfriend: "...And no, I'm not looking for one either!" Why are women at cons treated like second class citizens? Horror stories of the unwashed, the unsubtle, and OSBP wanna-bes might be told. Names will be changed to protect the Guilty. With Vicki Weimer and Little Mel. Caveat: I am going to be here with my boyfriend, but I'm way geekier than he is!

1:00PM: Conlangs & Writing: There are some fantastic examples of the use of constructed languages in the Genre. Clockwork Orange, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek (Klingon and Darmok, to name two), etc. How do writers do it? With James L. Cambias. Come find out what Dasaroi, the conlang in Shayara, has in common with Mandarin!

2:00PM: Journey of 1000 Miles: Quest and Travel as a metaphor for personal growth in fiction. Dante's Inferno, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Knee Deep in Thunder. With thunderpigeon and James L. Cambias.

1:00PM: READING! Pi-Con gives an hourlong reading split between two authors, and I have the great fortune to share my hour with the indomitable cluegirl! If you know me and/or Clue you know that you will not want to miss this. :)

2:00PM: Many Sciences of Science Fiction: Heisenberg Compensators, Temporal Engineering, and Grav-plates that never, ever fail. Discussions about how Lightsabers work abound on Slashdot, and in Boston there lives a Trek-nologist. What is it about nonexistent science and technologies that attracts so much brain power? Who is it that spends such time and creativity on explaining the impossible? With Jeff Warner and Mario Di Giacomo.

And sindrian's schedule!

10:00PM: Polyamory 101: Why do so many people in the kink and SF scenes seem to be attracted to polyamory? Come learn the basics of responsible non-monogamy. With Lauren Grover and Michael Whitehouse.

11:00PM: Human & Nonhuman Rights: Explore the legal, moral, ethical, and physical issues with extending "personhood" to other sentient beings. With Kate Kaynak.

11:00AM: Essential DIY Tools: A peek into a maker's toolbox. With denimskater, Mike Luoma, and David Larochelle.

I hope I'll see you this weekend! :)
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