Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Happy Monday!

I require your assistance
* Anyone in MA have any experience with establishing an LLC or a sole proprietorship? Which did you decide on, and why? What are the pros/cons?

* If someone is making and selling something that could be hazardous, what's their liability?

* I need to order several thousand size 8 seed beads for two knitting projects; anyone have any recommendations on where's best to get 'em?

And everything else
* There's enough enthusiasm for a variety of choices in this poll that I think I won't choose - I'll post a pic of the yarn and a list of the options in the auction, and it'll be winner's choice. That'll probably get us more money anyway.

* Victoria's surgery is about half paid for now - thank you! And she's doing well. She gets to come out of the cage a few times a day, and at least once a day she tries really hard to get upstairs, so clearly the leg is healing up.

* I am going to go to Peer Supe today for the first time since leaving the dayjob. Have been feeling really disconnected!

* Elayna finished that awful book! Which means we got to watch Miyazaki movies last night as a unicorn chaser. Although she may be the only person I know who regards Nausicaa as a unicorn chaser.

* Googling shows me that there doesn't seem to be a band called Unicorn Chaser yet. DIBS. I play drums. Who's with me?

* Elayna has plans with a friend today, so I'll have some writing time! (Her friends are massively overprogrammed, is why she's not out running around with them all the time.)

That is it for now, except my Pi-Con schedule, which gets its own post.
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