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Sunday is bread-baking day! Huzzah!

Unrelated to bread: The amazing pharminatrix sent me a custom-dyed skein of luscious sportweight yarn.

Just look at that.

The colorway is called "Victoria"! Because this is for Victoria. She sent it to me specifically to make something to auction at kittycyborg! I've been looking for ideas, and Ive narrowed it down to a few things I think would be gorgeous. And then it occurred to me that I should get the input of potential bidders. And so.

What shall I knit with/for Victoria?

Brambler scarf (but longer)
Beetle Tracks scarf (but longer)

Anne Hanson's scarf patterns are so short - so's that Beetle Tracks pattern. But they call for 200-220 yards, and I have 327 yards, so I can make them longer. *nod*

What do you think?

And you should check out pharminatrix's Etsy store!

I have otherwise been in semi-retreat from the internet. My life will be in flux until Elayna goes back to school and I can get a real schedule going. At least she's almost done with her summer reading, which she hates with the fire of a thousand suns. She has requested a Miyazaki movie marathon when she finishes, just to remind her that there is some joy in life and that all is not endless despair and cruelty.

Oh. I just asked her to give me her thoughts on the book, and she shared a Google Doc with me. Apparently she has been taking notes. Elayna's informal review-so-far:

The second you open this book, you are COMPLETELY weighed down by negativity.
Every single character has a negative outlook on life, their lives SUCK, and everything around them makes it worse.
No one likes each other. Hell, they all have MUTED HATRED for each other.
No one talks as if they mean what they say. It's like they're talking AT their companions instead of WITH them.
Reading this book makes me feel trapped and sad and very, very tired.
You know how, when you watch a Miyazaki movie, everything about it makes you want to be there?
The joy in which people do simple housework. The food that always looks delicious no matter what it is. The people being friendly and well-mannered.
This book does THE OPPOSITE OF THAT.
They deliberately describe characters to be less attractive, accentuating their negative aspects and using aesthetically displeasing diction.
What's the worst about these people having crappy lives is that they DON'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!
They let their lives waste away because they're too scared to fuck up any more than they already have.
They think that doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is okay, because it's better than doing BAD things.
So they just let their lives continue to be bad because they're SO TIRED and SO SICK OF LIFE that they can't be BOTHERED to help themselves!
Every single character is wasting away.
It feels like they're all already dead but their hearts are still beating.

There you go. The existential horror of Olive Kittredge. (Although I do love that my daughter uses the phrase "aesthetically displeasing diction" even when she's just talking to herself.) I'm afraid that Elayna's first question to her new English teacher will be "What were you thinking?!?"

We are all looking forward to her finishing this book. Her so she won't have to read it anymore - me for that reason and so I won't have to nag her all day to read it. Today will probably be the day. So later today there will be freshly-baked bread and Miyazaki.

Anyway. Onward! If you think you might like to bid on something made with that gorgeous yarn, which is 50% alpaca, 50% merino wool, please do vote. *decisive nod*
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