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State of the 'Song
Weary but unbowed.

State of the Victoria
She did start eating, so she didn't have to go back to the vet, yay! She got her Fentanyl patch off yesterday. She's been very vocal, and she would really like to go for a walk, thank you very much - we let her out of the cage a few times a day, but put her back in when she starts to get very determined about walking, because she should not be doing that yet. Poor Torbutt. She's in good spirits, though.

kittycyborg needs your help! Will hopefully do a post later pointing out specific cool things, but please go look and tell your friends!

And fortunately, Elayna was very understanding.

Can has Elayna!
She returned on Saturday, and there was much rejoicing! As soon as we can figure out how to upload her photos and videos from her camera, we will do so. (She thinks she needs a specific cord she can't find; I think we need to just futz around and see if another cord will work.) The video of her dancing is particularly awesome.

Good Thoughts Request!
Serious good-luck mojo to gwynraven today! Give her all you've got! <3 <3 <3

Book Race
I have joined desperance's eight-week Book Race, because the motivators I respond to are deadlines and competition. So expect word metrics and stuff.

Kim Boekbinder is crowdfunding her tour! She's great. Have a listen.

Tickets are just $10! and there are nifty incentives.

Link Soup
* A rant about street harassment.
* DARPA to fund hackerspaces?
* Excerpt from Modelland by Tyra Banks. Oh yes.
* danah boyd on "real names".

Daily Science
Months after the death of the Mars rover Spirit, its surviving twin is poised to reach the rim of a vast crater to begin a fresh round of exploration.

Vroom! I have three rows left on that scarf, so that must get bound off today. (It's knit lengthwise, so rows are significant.) Elayna and I need to work out our rest-of-summer-schedule. I need to get writing done. I would like to attempt the baking of bread. And I have BARCC Peer Supe tonight.

How's by you?
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