Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

More on Victoria.

Here are some things about Victoria:

She is beautiful.

She loves yarn.

She has no dignity.

Still pretty, though.

And her surgery will cost ~$5,000.

The thing about broken arms on cats is that you can't just slap a cast on and be done with it; the arm won't heal. So she needs to have a metal plate implanted or an external/internal rig of pins and screws, depending on the severity of the break, which is why the estimate is rough - $4,700-$5,300.

She's had falls before, though Jack is the least graceful of our cats. This time was just colossally unlucky. Just the exact wrong way to land. Poor Tor.

And yes, I make a big deal out of her being evil. Don't tell her I love her. It's a secret. Though I think she knows after my cuddling her for hours at the vet.

We got CareCredit because they needed payment yesterday, but obviously we will need to pay that damn bill. I still have three storybits I owe from Jack's care earlier this year; I'll get to work on that today. sindrian will also be doing a sale on cool CNC-milled stuff; he's calling it the "pay for Tor-butt's cyborg conversion" sale. I will have to do Wind Tunnel Dreams again.

Paypal address is shadesong AT if you feel so moved.

She's on IV painkillers; the vet does the pet-update calls after 11, so I'll know more then. She will be having her surgery today, and they'll keep her overnight for observation, but I'll also get a call post-surgery. I'm hoping for the plate - it seems like that's more conducive to her returning to her everyday life with a quickness.

Oh, Torbutt.
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