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Happy birthday to sophy!

Happy early birthday to cmpriest and mr_wombat, who advance a year over the weekend!

State of the 'Song
The hacking cough and postnasal drip continue, but I'm pretty much otherwise okay. Physically.

Emotionally... this is a difficult transition for me, and I'm piecing together a lot of why that is. That gets its own post eventually.

Sindrian Arts is a go!
100% funded! You can still back Sindrian Arts and get cool stuff through Sunday afternoon. But yeah. Funding. Yay. :)

I love the level of community involvement we have here; I came downstairs to two e-mails, a text message, and an IM squeeing about sindrian making his goal, and I know several people were obsessively hitting "reload" right along with me yesterday. This is a really cool project that speaks to people and that is awesome.

Good day
We woke up to that awesome news and celebrated at Friendly Toast. You guys. Um. Banana chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter between 'em plus bacon and fresh whipped cream. Gluten-free. This is absurd candy food that I would never get otherwise. I was giggling, half-appalled at the excess.

Then the hardware store, which had the stuff sindrian needed plus the kitchen scale I've had on my wishlist (gluten-free baking is by grams) and this awesome garlic chopper - a lot of the Joseph Joseph stuff tempted me, because OMG design geekery, but I decided that of all of the temptations, this was the one we'd use most often. Warning: if you do not like garlic, let us know before coming over for dinner. Because we really like garlic.

Then the yarn store, for dark green yarn for a baby blanket for sindrian's brother and sister-in-law (due in September) and a skein of Noro Taiyo Sock (in #5) for this scarf (for me unless Elayna steals it).

And now I am home.

She is having an awesome time at Explo - she's in pics #4 and #56 today, the first time she's been photographed this session. I told sindrian that I sometimes worry about her keeping to herself too much and not going out and making friends; I know she always does, but I still worry. So I was gratified to see that her hair was braided in the pics. Because she doesn't know how to braid hair, you see. Someone braided it for her. <3

I'm totally envious of her re: her weekend trips, too. Tomorrow's the Newport Folk Festival - if you see her, say hi! And Sunday is Cirque du Soleil. She's been a huge Cirque fangirl for years. :) I always wanted to take her to her first Cirque show - but alas, that is not to be!

sindrian has now seen what feats of chatelaining I can do on just a little bit of energy. Behold, everything is clean, and the yarn is organized by weight. Et cetera. Feels good to finally have a handle on the housekeeping.

Link Soup
* DIY portable fire box. I would like a that.
* I know someone like this. *ahem*
* The Limitations of Womanhood in Fantasy (and everywhere else, but for now, fantasy)

Daily Science
Memristors with a twist: Quasi-liquid soft matter foreshadows biocompatible electronics and flexible robots.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Schrodinger's cat is dead/Schrodinger's cat is not dead t-shirt, jeans.
Reading: The Calculus Diaries by Jennifer Ouellette.
Writing: Shayara and poetry.
Knitting I finished and blocked the Clothilde shawl! I have 15 more rows to go on the Lavalette shawl I'm knitting for my mother, and as always, I have a baby blanket on the needles.
Planning: Adam's mom arrives soon! We'll be eating at Tempo tonight and either Harvest or Evoo tomorrow - we'd planned for Harvest, but Adam's mom says someone had a bad meal there once, so she's pushing for Evoo. Thoughts, Boston foodies? I've never been to either.

No idea what we're doing other than eating. We shall see.

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