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Wind Tunnel Dreams for Sindrian Arts

I'm finally getting back to the Wind Tunnel Dreams pieces I was doing to raise money for Jack's medical care. These pieces have therefore already been donated for. But I'll be putting a link to Kickstarter on each one, because sindrian is less than $2K short of his Kickstarter goal with five days left. So to be clear: Jack's medical care is paid for, and all money raised during this week's WTD is for sindrian's Kickstarter. If you like the writing, back Sindrian! Hell, back him even if you hate the writing.

And hey, you'll get nifty prizes! The breakdown of my favorites:

$30: Custom clue-by-four! Know someone who needs a clue? We'll engrave a custom message into a pine 2x4 to help get the message across!

$50: iPad stand! This is the thing that got called a bondage curlicue at Readercon. :)

$75: Balisong screwdriver.

$110: iPad stand and screwdriver.

$200: Standing computer desk.

$225: The launcher! Launches anything roughly the size of a tennis ball - water balloons, snowballs, Nerf stuff, glitterbombs, whatever you want. Half slingshot, half crossbow, all awesome. ATTN: LARPers. I am just saying.

$400: A set of parts for the 2'x4' gantry.

$600: A set of parts for the 4'x8' gantry.

$2,000/$2,500: Full mechanical kit/electronics + parts for the 4'x8' gantry. (Here, have a picture of Sindrian building it. Eye candy!)

So if you're interested in people doing awesome things and might like cool stuff as well, you should click here and get you some.

Still wondering what the heck CNC tech is and why you should care? Read this post!

We have under $2K to raise and five days to do it. If just a fraction of those of you who are reading this kick in just enough for a clue-by-four, we can get this done today. And then we'll be less twitchy. I'm more fun when I'm not twitchy! <3 In all seriousness, let's do this thing.

Next post will be WTD.
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