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Happy birthday to lyssrose and storme!

Hello to new reader akiko!

State of the 'Song
Yeah. I pretty much have not been posting for the reasons I never post when I'm sick; a combination of "I would bore you" and "I would scare you". Essentially, I woke up Friday feeling significantly worse - from "I'm okay as long as I don't talk much" to not being able to breathe much at all and having a really hard time with the whole walking-across-the-room thing. Limp glassy-eyed 'song. Definitely time for the doctor, who gave me a patient, gentle speech about how he knows that I just had antibiotics last month, but he really, really thinks we need to handle this now, and he really, really wants me to take these antibiotics, right there in the CVS, please.

And then I had a weekend of being sprawled on sindrian's bed all weak-like-kitten and spaced out when I wasn't having full-body-convulsion coughing, which thank goodness finally at least got productive yesterday.

Poor sindrian was in Cincinnati through my recurrent bronchitis/pneumonia/lungs saying oh fuck this this winter, so this was his first real exposure to bronchitis!girlfriend, though he has seen me through various illnesses before. "Sometimes this happens, but it will be okay," I rasped at him. I'm not sure I was reassuring. But he took excellent care of me. Which is, honestly, something you need to be good at if you want to be with me long-term - loving me even when I can barely move and I sound like I have emphysema. He's good. He's solid. (Adam is also solid on this, but Sindrian has air conditioning and it was 103 on Friday.)

State of me today? Back to around where I was on Thursday, which is significant progress at this point. Not singing! I can stand for long enough to shower again, which I couldn't this weekend, and I can walk across the room, but walking up the stairs is still exhausting. I'm not coughing much when I don't move a lot or talk, but I can definitely still feel the rattling in my chest. My brain appears to have returned, so that's nice. I'm on day 4 of the 5-day Z-pack.

Sindrian's Kickstarter!
Six days to raise $2,000. If you've been thinking about backing him, now's the time to do it! Click here to read all about it!

Corrected Rhysling Results!
Due to nomination and voting irregularities, there's been a recount in the short-poem category. The corrected breakdown puts tithenai at #1 for "Peach-Creamed Honey" and csecooney at #3 for "Dogstar Men"!

Link Soup
* For those who don't get why G= shutting down pseudonymous accounts is a problem, have a list of who's harmed by a "real names" policy.
* When to touch a woman.
* Boobs don't work that way!
* Regretsy changes lives, you guys. Also, I really want a Dror video!
* "How Revenge Of The Nerds Ruined My Life". Includes my two new favorite sentences: "These, however, are mere quibbles compared to the two largest sins of Revenge Of The Nerds: rape culture and Cartesian dualism." and "Revenge Of The Nerds has so much rape culture, you could use it to make rape yogurt."
* I'm still in love with the Neon Boneyard.

Daily Science
Asymmetric quarks defy standard model of physics.

Sedentary. May catch up on TiVo and knitting.
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