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I do not want to be photographed pretty much ever.

I do not want pictures of me posted online pretty much ever.

I should've reminded people before Readercon, but I kinda had a lot going on! Still, the rules of photographing 'song:

1. Ask first. If I say no, stop asking, and do not photograph me.
2. If I say yes, please show me the pic and ask if you can post it online. Again, if I say no, stop asking, and do not post it.

One person did follow these steps during Readercon - thanks, skogkatt! But I'm seeing a lot of painfully awful pictures of myself by other people cropping up. I'm untagging and sending "please remove this picture - thanks!" notes as fast as I can. Given that I find most pics of myself triggery, though, this is making for a shitty day.

Side note: This is also why I'll often step aside when people want to take a group picture of a group I'm in, or why I'll hide so you can only see my hand or whatever. I feel like it's impolite to make someone take down a pic everyone else likes, so let's avoid the problem by just not having me in the pic, please and thank you.

I like WisCon's photo policy: "Video and audio recording and photography for personal archival use only is generally okay, unless individuals make it clear that they do not wish to be photographed or filmed, in which case any photography or recording of them is expressly forbidden...Please be polite and ask before taking photographs or recordings. We suggest that photographs be taken before or after a program event to avoid distracting panelists and audience members from their discussion...Please ask permission of the subjects before posting to any generally available web sites including unlocked Flickr, Facebook, or LiveJournal accounts." I'd very much like for that to be instituted and enforced as a convention standard.

I have typed and deleted a bunch of stuff here, but basically, yeah, now I am having a shitty day and not getting any writing or anything else done because I'm wigging out not knowing if people I've asked to take down triggery pics will respect my wishes or will be assholes at me and insist that I'm public property because I was in a public place. Oh hai nausea.
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