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My hair.

Backstory for new readers: Every so often I get Really Sick and lose ~40-60 pounds very abruptly, and half my hair falls out. Not exaggerating - it's half. It does grow back in; it takes about three years for it to be as thick as it was before, though, and in the meantime, I am frustrated by the fact that my hair is too short and too thin. I don't feel like myself unless it's very thick and most of the way down my back. Last weight crash was in the summer of '09, so currently it's still way too short, but it's at a thickness that doesn't feel alien to me. Other data: my hair is growing in lighter in color and curlier this time.

So what's driving me up the wall: I love the curl. I do. But being as it's curlier than it's ever been... what I've got going on right now are tight, thick ringlets, and I'm frustrated because my hair feels like it's not getting any longer, just denser. The ringlets aren't getting past my shoulders; they're spiralling back up into themselves. When I actually pull individual ringlets down, there's another 4-5" of hair there. Just densely curled.

I want my length back! And I am uncertain if there's anything I can do to encourage that. I don't want to straighten my hair, I'd just like the curls to please descend already. I swear. I look like a grownup when I have short hair. :P

EDIT: My current hair-care routine: Aquage volumizing shampoo + conditioner (because my hair is not yet as thick as I want it to be). Squeeze the excess water out, scrunch gently with a towel, scrunch in a little Aquage curl defining creme. Air-dry.
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