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Hello to new reader asakiyume!

State of the 'Song
Oof. That migraine from Thursday? Has not actually gone away. It's been shoving at my brainmeats all weekend, and is lurking at the edges right now. Thank goodness the light-sensitivity part of it has been fleeting, and I've been able to move my head. Main things are the pain, exhaustion, and unrelenting nausea. I have actually lost a few pounds this weekend.

Doing a four-day con with varying degrees of migraine is ever so not recommended. Had a good con in spite of it, though, and I'll try to recap that later today.

Is at Explo! You can follow her adventures here if you'd like. She'll be easy to spot in group pics due to her newly-dyed bright red hair (Special Effects Nuclear Red; thanks, fiddle_dragon!) Her main courses and mini-courses this year:
In three weeks time you'll learn the entire process of photography, from framing and lighting your shot to developing film and printing black and white images. In addition to focusing on the technical process of taking photos — reading and using an exposure meter, calculating shutter and aperture settings, and understanding focal lengths and film speed — we'll also focus on what makes for good photography, looking at the history of the medium and understanding the basic elements of photographic composition. As we learn the chemical development process, you'll make prints of your work directly from your negatives and will compile a portfolio to show in our end-of-session photography exhibit.

Behind The Cat Walk - Fashion Challenges
Challenge: design a Pretty Little Liars back-to-school collection. Challenge: create an American Apparel inspired line for small dogs and pets. Challenge: design a series of belts, bows, and waist wraps to punctuate little black dresses. And, oh, we forgot to mention: the clock's ticking! With your teammates at your side, you'll be given a series of fashion challenges that will require you to act quickly, collaboratively, and creatively. Our work will focus on fundamental elements and principles of visual design (proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis), which you'll incorporate to enhance the pieces you make — garments with ruffles, pockets, and fitted waist lines. Will your pieces have what it takes to pass the test? There's only way to know for sure: take them to the runway — and see if they flop or fly!

Movement Improvisation
Maybe the thought of dancing has you a little... embarrassed. How do people look so comfortable dancing the night away? In this mini, you'll get comfortable moving to your own beat and dancing with others. You'll improvise movement, experiment with different techniques, and find your own personal groove.

Witches, Demons + Vampires
Where do these ghouls rear their ugly heads in contemporary popular culture? Surprisingly, they aren't under the bed anymore! They're in our movies, music, and books. Examine where and why these Halloween-esque figures appear in popular culture today.

She actually doesn't have a roommate this year - which is good, because last year's roommate was a seriously raucous night owl with lots of people coming and going at all hours, and that is the opposite of what Elayna needs.

I will miss her like whoa, but she will, as always, have an epic fantastic time. <3

sindrian's Kickstarter!
There are new incentives! Were you perhaps interested in a gantry router of your own, but you don't have space for it? Now you can have a smaller one! And I quote:

The 2′x4′ Kikori is out!

The MDO parts are available now for just $400, but hurry; I’m only offering five at that reward level. After that, they’ll go up to $500.

The reason they aren’t cheaper is because only nine pieces actually change between the 4′ version and the 2′ version. However, this also means that the 2′x4′ Kikori gantry has the ability to upgrade itself by making only nine new pieces!

I’m also offering the mechanical and full kits at reduced reward levels: for the first three backers the mechanical kit is only $2000, and the full kit just $2500!

Also you can get a thing what launches tennis balls, water balloons, et cetera, as well as all of the other cool incentives. The Kikori is 60% funded with 13 days to go. Help get him there! Back the project, and tell your friends!

Daily Science
Physicists Moti Fridman and colleagues at Cornell University have successfully demonstrated a so-called time cloaking device that is able to “hide” time for 15 trillionths of a second. In a paper published on arXiv, the researchers describe how they were able to cause light passing through a fiber optic cable to compress, than decompress, causing a hole or void to exist, long enough for there to be a lag between the two.

Going to a bris in a little bit! After that, I think I'm well enough today to handle small writing tasks, although I probably will need a nap at some point. I know, my life is so thrilling. Oh, body, you are not conducive to getting things done. Still, I'm okay with taking today as a decompression day and establishing my New! Schedule! tomorrow.
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