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Brief-ish post of updatery

I'm in a liminal place right now; first week of not having a dayjob, but I've had multi-day stints of sickness often enough this year that life isn't feeling that different right now. Plus Elayna came home yesterday and is leaving for Explo Sunday, so I won't be on my new schedule at all this week.

So. Um. Where did I leave off?

sindrian's and my party was most excellent. Smallish because there were about four other parties/gatherings competing with ours, but given the heat, smallish was just right! sindrian made an excellent Malvolio despite his lack of familiarity with the play (ask me for 60-second character notes for your next unexpected Shakespeare production!), feste_sylvain was his usually-expert Feste, and I'd woken up that morning gasping "Oh! slipjig for Sir Andrew Aguecheek!", and yes, that was PERFECT. Fun all around! Also, food was great, and we didn't get to Muppets because everyone was having such great conversations. Which is a perfectly wonderful reason to not get to Muppets. Juliana played two great sets, with a fantastic mix of love songs, hilarious cover tunes, and Appalachian folk ballads. Her "Outshine the Sun", "How to Take the Fall", and "Yours", are me-and-Sindrian songs, have been from early on, so it was so perfect that she was there for the party. <3

Sunday we CLEANED ALL THE THINGS. No, specifically we cleaned and reorganized the kitchen, which had been suboptimal. But seriously, we emptied every drawer and cabinet, sorted, cleaned, and optimized. Now things make a lot more sense, appliances we rarely use are stowed, and I have clean counter space for my bread machine and dedicated GF toaster, AW YEAH. Store-bought GF bread is often only palatable toasted, and it's impossible to de-gluten a toaster that's been used for other bread. I mean, maybe autoclaving. But having one's own toaster is cheap and easy. (That's what she said.) I may make myself some cinnamon-raisin toast after this post. Also we introduced Sindrian to The Middleman. :)

Elayna came home yesterday! Yay! We have decided that her trips to Florida need to be a little shorter; her tolerance for my parents and sister is greater than mine, but it was exceeded during the last few days of the trip. Anyway it is marvelous to have her back. <3 We celebrated with a mini Leverage marathon.

...did I tell y'all that I bound off that blanket? I used a simpler bindoff because the complex one wasn't making sense to me and I didn't want to spend my day cursing. Unblocked, the blanket is Elayna's size. Yeah. It's going to grow 30-40% in blocking, I think.

I read Beauty Queens by Libba Bray Sunday night/Monday, and I generally just star books in like in my "books I've read this year" post, but you guys. You need to read this book. Especially, though not exclusively, if you have teenage daughters. It is hilarious and snarky and breathtakingly perfect as a deconstruction of the shitty messages our media sends about How To Be a Girl. Elayna has only read the prologue and already it's her favorite book. sindrian started it last night and was cracking up about every thirty seconds, and punctuating with appreciative "daaaaaamn"s.

I just got distracted from this post by this video [h/t emilytheslayer]. And now this one, care of sindrian's brother. PONY VID WAR ON MY GOOGLE+ Y'ALL.

Here is your day in rape culture. (Spoiler warning on the last one, for most recent ep of True Blood.)

Sindrian's Kickstarter project is ticking along nicely, but needs more backers! He's added more incentives - in addition to all the cool stuff you could already get, now you can get a standing computer desk and a complete CNC router kit! Click here to back him today! And seriously, tell your friends!

Sindrian and I are still adjusting to the whole wanting-to-be-joined-at-the-hip-but-working-better-in-different-places thing. We are more efficient when working in separate places. But. Yeah. We're sleeping together most nights, but there's sometimes the internal fuss of "wait, where are we tonight? what do I have to pack? do you have clean clothes here?" The plan of living together in a few years (and having separate home office space) is a really good one, and things will be simpler then! Hopefully we'll get things sorted well when I get on my new schedule next week.

Readercon is coming up, and I need to pick what I'm reading and what I'm bringing to the Interstitial Arts Exchange, make up a crackpot theory, and do quick additional research on Jewish mythology and folklore. Y'know. In my spare time.

And Elayna wants to go to the aquarium; anyone have a membership that would allow two extra people and an inclination to hit the aquarium tomorrow or Thursday?

Here are some straight-up links:
* Who wants to play pony D&D with me?
* Eight things you should know before starting your own convention.
* The Once and Future Story.

Right. Now I'm going to shower, do a little research, and knit until A Dance with Dragons shows up.
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