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Happy birthday to vylar_kaftan!

Happy early birthday to laliari, squirrel_monkey, and my beloved sindrian, who all advance a year over the weekend!

State of the 'Song
Mostly got sleep last night. Been crashing out all afternoon most of the week.

I don't want to go in the cart.
Today's the last day of the dayjob. Predictably, I have mixed feelings. Working from home, focusing on writing and the other projects I have going on, will be good for me, and I'll get to work around my body's needs. I will feel and function better. But parts of it still feel like failure, and I have some self-directed anger. But there are so many things I want and need to do, and I've already started some cool stuff in anticipation, and it will be good. But I have to get through work today, which includes a farewell party that I shall do my best not to get maudlin at.

And there are other reasons, but they're not yet for public consumption.

Is at $4,626. Help us get to $5K today!

Link Soup
* Where Everybody is Before A Dance With Dragons Begins. Thanks,!
* I want to design my own bedding.
* This (trigger warning).

Daily Science
ESA's Herschel Space Observatory is helping unravel the mystery of where cosmic dust comes from. Thanks to the resolution and sensitivity of Herschel, astronomers have been able to detect cosmic dust from a supernovae, adding weight to the theory that these cosmic fireworks are responsible for its creation.

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Black crewneck shirt, green daisy-print skirt.
Reading: Zoo City by Lauren Beukes.
Writing: Nothing this week, but there's a lot on the docket.
Knitting: I did bind off the blanket last weekend! Still in process on baby blanket and Clothilde shawl; not much knitting time, especially for the shawl, which I have to pay a bit of attention to.
Planning: Work, home, I dunno. I have a ride home from sindrian, though.
Tomorrow: You may have heard that we are having a party here.
Sunday: Great big reorganization of our kitchen! I am excited! No, really, I am. In the evening, I'll be low-key hanging out with a fellow BARCC volunteer who is abandoning us to go to grad school in another state. WOE.

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