Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Birthday party! and Twelfth Night!

1. You should RSVP if you're coming!

2. In lieu of gifts, we would like you to back Sindrian's Kickstarter project.

3. Schedule:
2pm-when we're done: Twelfth Night
After Twelfth Night: Muppets, dependent on time
6pm: Potluck dinner
7pm-whenever she pleases: the amazing Juliana Finch! (Suggested donation to performer = $10-$15)

4. Casting for Twelfth Night! Stake your claim! Italicized roles still available!

* Viola – twin sister to Sebastian. When disguised as a man, she is known as Cesario. In love with Orsino. - Juliana
* Orsino – Duke of Illyria; in love with Olivia
* Olivia – a countess. In love with Cesario.
* Sebastian – twin brother to Viola
* Maria – a Lady in waiting in Olivia's household. She has feelings for Sir Toby Belch.

* Sir Toby Belch – Olivia's drunken uncle. He has feelings for Maria. - shadesong
* Sir Andrew Aguecheek – a simple minded companion of Sir Toby's. Wooing Olivia.
* Malvolio – a steward to Olivia

* Feste – (also known as 'The Fool' in some adaptations) Olivia's jester. - feste_sylvain because of course
* Antonio – a captain and friend to Sebastian.
* Fabian – a servant and friend to Sir Toby
* Valentine, Curio – gentlemen attending on the duke

You do not have to know the play; we will all be reading from the book. Bring your own book if you have one, but we'll have spares.

Do speak up if you have a particular role you want! I can assign you day-of if you like, but in that case you must prepare for me to be super-whimsical and cast parts for maximum ridiculosity.
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