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Rabbit rabbit!

Happy birthday to mplscorwin!

Happy early birthday to wytchchyld and theferrett, who advance a year over the weekend!

State of the 'Song
Inexplicably not well today. A bit logy and not really holding things in my brain. From stress yesterday, maybe?

Elayna gets a little anxious about the security line, so we went to get me a gate pass so I could walk her back. This should not be a problem. Keep in mind that Elayna is 16. Also keep in mind that poor sindrian is waiting in the cell phone lot this whole time.

Person at first desk: "You need the full-service desk." Augh. That line was long. So is the line for the full-service desk. Fine. We wait.

Person at full-service desk, having been informed that she is 16 and I just want to walk her to her gate: "We need to assign her a meet-and-assist. She'll be the last person on the plane and the last person off, and someone will walk her to baggage claim."
Me: "She doesn't actually need all that. She's flown solo before."
Person: "Well, we can't give you a gate pass without it."
Me: "...fine."

We get through security without incident and get her a burger. I walk her to the gate.

Me: "Hi! I'm just dropping her off and want to make sure I don't need to do anything else."
Person at gate: "She has a meet-and-assist? That means you have to stay at the gate until the plane takes off."

WHAT THE FUCK JETBLUE. I wasn't told that, and wouldn't have agreed to a meet-and-assist if I had been. Remember. sindrian waiting in cellphone lot. Flight an hour from now. AUGH.

So Elayna and I spent an hour hanging out - which is fine! I love my daughter! But she'd've been happy playing Nintendo, y'know?

So finally it's boarding time. Elayna and I decide we're going to pretend we weren't informed about the "last to board" thing and get on line to board her when her section is called. Person at gate pulls us aside.

Person at gate: "She has to be the last to board! The flight attendant has to introduce herself to her so she knows who to go to for help -"
Elayna: "I don't need help."
Person: "But. Are you sure?" She's looking at me, not Elayna, because of course she is.
Me and Elayna, in unison: "I'm sure".
Person: "But we have to - how old is she?"
Me and Elayna in unison: "Sixteen!"
Person: "Oh. Do you want me to remove the meet-and-assist?"
Me and Elayna: *look at each other incredulously, then back at her* "Yes. PLEASE."

So yeah, we made sindrian wait for over an hour for something completely unnecessary, and I will be writing JetBlue a nastygram today. People. Know your goddamn policy. Also, I was flying unaccompanied at 12 and pretty much riding the damn rails at 16. 16 is not infancy, you guys. A 16-year-old can fly alone without being babysat. I PROMISE. If you need me to, I will sign a damn waiver that says that my teenage daughter is perfectly capable of boarding a plane, sitting and playing Nintendo for three hours, and then exiting the plane and walking a few hundred feet to her waiting grandparents.

Other Augh
Dear Pandemonium Books: If you can only hold about 20 people in a space, do not book a performer who attracts 50+ people per concert in that space. Actually, Pandemonium Books, do not host anything ever, because you are the worst venue in the greater Boston area.

Marian Call was awesome, though. It would just have been better if there were chairs for everyone (I didn't give mine up, but my guys had to stand) and if people hadn't been half in my lap the whole show (I had to do Defensive Knitting to demonstrate to this one chick how in-my-lap she was) and if there had been a fan in the store anywhere and basically if it had been anywhere but Pandemonium.

I'm done ranting now.

Interview with me at Apex about "Valentines".

Link Soup
* jimhines has an excellent post on alcohol, rape, and Bristol Palin. WARNING: There's a lot of sociopathic rape apologism in the comments, but also some great rebuttals. NOTE: As Adam said in his post, "Obvious statement is obvious: While this person is simply doing traditional idiotic victim-blaming, do NOT even think about making some sort of snide remark based on the fact that this happened to a Palin; my disregard for that family's politics does not mean for a second that I'm okay with the incident that Bristol reported, and any person who thinks right-wingers -- or anyone -- deserve sexual assault can get the hell out of my LJ."
* DHS documents show agency isn't sure pornoscanners are safe.
* The art of fire.

Daily Science
Spider's double beating heart revealed by MRI.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: "do science to me" T-shirt from Kawaii Not. Panties. NO PANTS DAY Y'ALL.
Reading: Objects of Worship by Claude Lalumiere and Gender Outlaws by Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman.
Writing: Shayara.
Knitting: emilytheslayer helped me sort out the Clothilde shawl yay. So I need to work on that and the damn Hemlock Ring bind-off.
Planning: Got a lot of stuff to do today that I can do without stressing my wonky body. Tonight, concert! Tomorrow I'm helping sindrian move back in with taura_g. I need to find out when grntserendipity is hitting town, as that might influence my Sunday. Monday tablesaw arrives, and we shall be grilling. :)

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