Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

July Schedule

Elayna will be out of town June 30-July 11 and July 17-August 6. As usual, I welcome company at italicized things.

July 1: Musical Mistresses of Myth & Magick! concert.

July 2: helping sindrian move into taura_g's
July 3: grntserendipity in town

July 4: grntserendipity and tablesaw in town; cookout.
July 5: tablesaw in town; Diesel maybe
July 6: tablesaw in town; Lecture: immune system primer
July 7: BARCC info/interview session, if I'm still doing that
July 8: Last day at BARCC

July 9: 'song + Sindrian birthday and welcome-home party!
July 10:

July 11: Elayna returns from Florida; BARCC Peer Supe
July 12: Diesel maybe
July 13: Lecture: Engineering plastic chips for immunology research
July 14: Readercon
July 15: Readercon

July 16: Readercon
July 17: Readercon; Elayna goes to Explo

July 18:
July 19: Diesel maybe
July 20: Rebecca Loebe concert at Berklee's Cafe 939, with sindrian and Adam
July 21:
July 22: Dr. appointment

July 23: party
July 24:

July 25: BARCC Peer Supe
July 26: Diesel maybe
July 27:
July 28:
July 29:

July 30:
July 31:
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