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Gwyn says: Help me get my car fixed! There's stuff in it for you.

Originally posted by gwynraven at Help me get my car fixed! There's stuff in it for you.
Ok, so I just found out that the little problem where my car has started taking two tries to start in the morning was actually a symptom of a much larger issue to the tune of around $1400. I don't have $1400. What I have is an awful lot of debt and an uncertain job future. Since I absolutely need my car, the $1400 is going on the credit card, which I really don't want to have to do, but I don't really have a choice.

So here's where you come in. I hate begging for money, but I don't do it often, so here it goes. Click the button below to donate to my 'pay the car repair bills' fund. Every little bit helps. I am offering what little services my poor talent allows. $10 gets you a custom written poem on a topic or prompt of your choice. $20 gets you a short story. Check out my "poetry" and "writing" tags to get an idea of what I'm capable of. $30 or more gets you just about anything you want that's in my power. I do make bead jewelry, and have a decent collection of materials - ask and I'll be happy to make you something. Want an audio file of me reading your favourite poem or short story? No problem. Want an audio file of me singing your favourite song (badly)? I can do that too. I can also do icons, avatars, and custom wallpaper within certain limits.

So yeah, I know times are tough for everyone, but if you can spare just a little to help me through this minor crisis, I would very much appreciate it.

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