Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

One day more! He underestimated The Packening, and will be here very late tonight or early tomorrow.

State of the 'Song
I was up at 3 again. This has accelerated past not-good into actively-dangerous. Especially given that the simple partials have already started popping up. So, y'know, wish me luck, and I'm not driving anywhere.

Link Soup
* Coffeeandink brings us links to a lot of victim-blaming horseshit. Link via asim, who of course has thoughts of his own.
* More sexual assault stuff - this happens way more often than you think it does.
* Book posters! "Hang your favorite book on the wall with the book's text, arranged to depict a memorable scene from the book!"
* In the poly closet. Which makes me want to write a post, when I have time (ha!), about why it was so important for me to come out as poly at work and frankly everywhere.
* Sean Bean defends his date from a catcalling asshole, gets punched in the face and stabbed for it, patches himself up with a first aid kit and orders another drink. Is there a FUCK YEAH SEAN BEAN Tumblr yet?
* Why Marvel and DC should be doing superhero webcomics.

Daily Science
Heart With No Beat Offers Hope Of New Lease On Life.

Work, then almost certainly afternoon nap. Evening will likely be spent last-minute tidying, knitting, and texting sindrian to track his journey home.

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